About Me

I'm twenty-ahem-something (but I have a tendency to forget I'm no longer 21) and I live with my newly-wedded husband Harry in North Essex. If you're wondering why I'd describe my life as awkward it's because I find a lot of things that come easily to everyone else seem to pass me by. I've never really felt like I fit in, I get anxious over a lot of day to day tasks, and I'd really much rather be in my 'happy place' at Walt Disney World! I'm a big advocate for mental health awareness and have tried to blog about my own experiences over the last few years when I can.

I spent three years at university in Broadstairs studying photography, learning how to cook and hoping the electricity meter wouldn't run out. It was then that I started my first blog back in 2012! 

My love for Disney surpasses most of my other interests so in 2016 I finally started my YouTube channel, When You Wish Upon A Vlog! where Harry and I share our love of Disney by vlogging our trips. Since then I've featuring a lot more Disney content on this blog including reviews, tips and even wedding planning!  I got engaged in November 2016 at the Grand Floridian Resort but I've pretty much been planning a Walt Disney World wedding on Pinterest since my university days!

Also on this blog you'll find I also love sharing my baking and decorating particularly since buying our first home. I'm a long-time lover of Pinterest, and my ideal day out typically involves coffee, cake and a trip to IKEA or finding somewhere new to visit and explore. My goal is to reach out to other awkward people with (hopefully) amusing and relatable blog posts. 

You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter


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