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Coffee / Espresso in espresso cup

How To Make An Espresso Martini

Coffee / Espresso in espresso cup

Step 1:

All starts here, the espresso. I prefer to use flavoured coffee grounds, usually caramel or vanilla. One espresso per drink; for a lower calorie option, add in sweetener to the hot coffee to reduce the need for sugar syrup later in the drink. If you do not have access to a coffee maker, make a strong brew of instant coffee, again you can get flavoured types of these which would work great.

coffee liqueur, caramel, sugar syrup, absolut vanilla vodka, amaretto, spirits, alcohol

Step 2:

Next, pick your spirits. A classic espresso martini would use coffee liqueur and vodka, however I think it is versatile enough to add in other options. Amaretto can be a good choice to add in for a almond flavour, as well as Baileys if you want a creamier martini. My go to is vanilla vodka and coffee liqueur, but you can experiment with personal taste and other spirits.

espresso martini, martini glass, pour, cocktail, shaker, strain

Step 3:

This is where the fun starts. Grab yourself a shaker and a good helping of ice, put the espresso into the shaker, along with 0.5oz / 15ml of Vodka and 1oz / 30ml of coffee liqueur. If you do not have these spirits, feel free to change up with Baileys and Amaretto to taste, or add in, as long as you don’t mind the drink being too strong! Add in 1oz / 15ml of sugar syrup, I used caramel syrup to add in more flavour. Give it all a good shake until the whole shaker is cold, then strain into a martini glass. Hopefully you should get a nice froth to give a classic look on top!

espresso martini, martini glass, chocolate shavings

Step 4:

Cocktails done, now just admire the beauty. If you wanted, the traditional option would be to add some coffee beans on top, but not many people would have these in the cupboard, so either enjoy it as is or you could make it a little more fancy and shave some chocolate on top, I used high cocoa dark chocolate with orange to give it a last hit of flavour.

There we go, Espresso Martini done. If you’re anything like me and trying to eat and drink well, calorie information is important. The drink made the way I did will have about 150 calories with 11g carbs, not bad for a drink that tastes this good! You can replace the sugar syrup with low / no calorie sweetener to save another 36 calories. If you are not worried about calories, drink away to your hearts content! Just don’t have it too close to sleep, alcohol and coffee won’t help with your sleep quality, something I’ve had the misfortune to learn a few times!

Let me know if there’s any tips or ideas that you have for an espresso martini, I’m always happy to learn and try different combinations!

How To Make An Espresso Martini

Recipe by HCourse: Cocktails, Drink Difficulty: Easy


Prep time






  • 1 Caramel Espresso / Coffee

  • 0.5oz / 15ml Vanilla Vodka

  • 1oz / 30ml Coffee Liqueur

  • 0.5oz / 15ml Caramel Sugar Syrup


  • Make espresso / strong coffee brew.
  • Add a good amount of ice to cocktail shaker, add in espresso, vodka, coffee liqueur and sugar syrup. Give it a good shake until the whole shaker is cold to touch.
  • Strain drink into a martini glass.
  • Enjoy as is, or top with coffee beans / chocolate shavings.
Espresso Martini



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