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Magic Kingdom Resorts

We began our day by sadly saying goodbye to our room at All Star Movies. For a value resort it served us well for two weeks and we'd both happily stay there again if we were on a budget. The room was just big enough for the two of us, overlooking the car park so it was quiet and convenient for us walk out straight to our car, close to the Mighty Ducks pool and only a short walk through the 101 Dalmatians section to the main lobby. I'd planned to give away my Mickey Mouse balloon that I'd got the day we arrived in Walt Disney World but I couldn't find anyone that I was brave enough to strike up a conversation with! Of course we both had colds so it seemed like we were even more emotional to be saying goodbye by the constant sniffling.

Despite waving goodbye to Magic Kingdom park the previous afternoon we actually visited the resorts twice more before finally leaving Disney! Not only did we watch Holiday Wishes from the Polynesian but we decided to go back there for a late breakfast at Capt. Cook's. Unfortunately we underestimated how long it would take to park at Magic Kingdom and by the time we'd taken the tram to the TTC and walked down to the Polynesian resort it was too late for breakfast. As I was unable to get the Tonga Toast I was after, and Harry missed out on his Mickey waffles, we decided to change tactic and get Dole Whips from Pineapple Lanai instead only to find that it hadn't opened yet! Too late for breakfast but too early for ice cream we resolved to just take a walk around to the Grand Floridian instead as I wanted get some photos on the beach where Harry proposed in the daytime.

It's not a long walk and it's so peaceful because there's rarely anyone else around, everyone's in the parks! Once we'd got to the Grand Floridian lobby we spent some time looking around, smelling the freshly built gingerbread house and looking in the shops. The gingerbread house is really impressive, it actually holds a small shop inside to buy your own souvenirs. The lobby is nicer in the late afternoon or evenings because they have live musicians playing but we don't get to spend as much time there because we haven't yet eaten in any of the restaurants. 

Once we'd done exploring we caught the resort monorail back to the TTC one last time past Magic Kingdom and the Contemporary resort.

Disney Springs

We still had some time left before we needed to be at the airport so we headed to Disney Springs for some lunch. It's actually the first time we went there during the daytime the whole trip so it made a change to see it in the sunshine and a lot less crowded. First on the agenda was Blaze Pizza (despite Harry really wanting to go to D-Luxe Burger again) which is a bit like Subway except with pizza. You move along in a conveyer belt like manner while half a dozen servers assemble your pizza with different toppings. We were a bit overwhelmed we each got one of the pizzas off the menu rather than a build-your-own. I got a Meateater and Harry was more adventurous and got the Green Stripe (chicken, peppers, and arugula drizzled with pesto). They're then baked for 3 minutes in the pizza oven and you wait for your name to be called.

Blaze is on the dining plan so for a QS credit we each got a pizza, salad or dessert and a drink. They do fantastic refillable aqua frescas as well sodas which I highly recommend, so fresh and tangy! The pizzas were amazing. The ones we had at Via Napoli early on in the trip were good, authentic Italian style pizzas but these actually tasted better! So much flavour and the perfect crisp thin base. They're big enough you could probably share but they taste too good to! ($32.05 inc. drinks).

After we were full it was time for some last minute shopping! We went to Ghirardelli to use a QS credit on chocolate to take home ($14) and also to Goofy's Candy Co. but although we didn't buy anything in there and we later did a World of Disney haul where we used up all our remaining snack credits on 8 bags of Goofy candy ($39.60). As we also had some quick service credits remaining we also stopped by Earl of Sandwich to get some food to take to the airport with us. The line here was really long and we had to wait quite a long time for our names to be called so we were lucky we'd left enough time and weren't in a rush! ($23.54 inc. drinks and crisps)

By now it was time to drive to the airport so we put away everything that we'd bought into our suitcases and drove the half hour or so to MCO. There we went straight to the rental car drop off and walked into the terminal with plenty of time to spare. We had a good wander around the shops, there's actually a Disney Store at both ends and we shopped in both of them! With no money left we spent some time charging up our devices, importing footage and eating our sandwiches before getting changed into our comfies ready for the flight. The wait for security wasn't too long for us so we had enough to time to get to our gate and wait to board. Our flight was quite late so it wasn't too manic around.

It was really sad to leave Florida as we'd had such an amazing trip. Our planning really paid off and we did everything that we wanted to do, sometimes many times over. We played Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom for the first time and got really into battling the villains in the portals, especially when the park was busy and wait times were long, and collecting all the cards. We ticked off a number of attractions and entertainment that we'd never experienced before and ate in so many fantastically themed restaurants. We enjoyed the 'Must-Do's' but also appreciated the smaller moments of Disney magic, sometimes just basking in the ambience. We also got engaged which was just the icing on the cake of an already incredible holiday and so many cast members and guests congratulated us and asked to hear our proposal story. Harry and I had so much fun, made so many memories and lived in a carefree and happy bubble for two solid weeks. Overall this trip will be really hard to beat!

Steps: 21,776
DDP Credits Used - 5 QS (0 Remaining) // 8 Snacks (0 Remaining) 
Total Cost (if not on DDP) - $109.19 + tax




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