Trip Report | Magic Kingdom, San Angel Inn Review & Our Last Night!

Magic Kingdom

I'll start this trip report with a disclaimer that it might be a tad photo heavy as it was our last full day at Disney and so we went a little mad taking photos of everything! I was still full of cold but that didn't stop us from our plan of going to Magic Kingdom to ride all our favourites one last time!

We arrived at a very busy Magic Kingdom but made it through bag check quickly by looking for the shortest line. Main Street was partially closed off because they were filming the cast of the Descendants for the Christmas TV special so after picking up our Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards and taking lots of photos we took the backstage path behind the shops up to the castle.

As we approached we saw that the pathway that shortcuts behind the castle was now open as it had been closed for our entire trip so far. Luckily for us it meant that we could walk up and take some photos with the wishing well but sadly we didn't have any pennies so we couldn't make a wish. While we were in the area we decided to play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland until it was time for our Fastpass+. This time it was Maleficent we were battling (we'd already defeated Ursula in Fantasyland) but we really needed to up our difficulty level as we'd now played a lot of rounds on Easy!

After our wander around Fantasyland fighting evil it was time for our first Fastpass+ of the day on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. I think we only queued once for it this trip, and that was at park opening, every other time we've used a Fastpass+ which is so worthwhile as the ride itself  is quite short. I really like this little rollercoaster though, it's very tame but travelling through the mine and seeing all the dwarves leading to the 'big' drop is a lot of fun. By now we were getting hungry so we got in line at Pinnochio Village Haus just before the lunchtime rush (this place gets really packed at peak time, with the lines out of the door in the sun and a great amount of difficult finding a table when you do finally have your food). We ordered the same as we did before, Chicken Parmesan Pasta to share with caesar salad and breadsticks and it was just as tasty. ($21.17 + tax)

After lunch we started to really pack in the rides with a Fastpass+ for Space Mountain, still one of our firm favourites, and then Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin where Harry got Galactic Hero for the third time and I managed to improve my score just a little bit. We then made our way back from Tomorrowland and decided to ride the carousel as we hadn't done it yet this trip! I named my horse Hera (Goddess of women in Greek mythology, and Hercules' mum in the film) and Harry named his Cerberus (actually a three-headed dog in Greek mythology and guard of the underworld!) Sure you can ride a carousel almost anywhere but there is something so quintessentially Fantasyland about riding Prince Charming's Regal Carousel next to the castle.

On our way out of Fantasyland we stopped to get some PhotoPass pictures in front of Rapunzel's tower and I popped into Memento Mori to pick up the three hitchhiking ghost Tsum Tsums. It was working out to be a really hot day in Magic Kingdom so we decided to see if we could use the 'Anytime Fastpasses' that we'd been given by a couple of people a few days ago, who were leaving and hadn't had the chance to use them, on Splash Mountain. Thankfully this time our log didn't get stuck next to the waterfall so we didn't end up completely soaked!  

By now we were out of Fastpass+ and the lines were getting long so we took a stroll out through Adventureland. Not content with our cooling off from Splash we grabbed some icy treats that were on our list of snacks to try and use up some of remaining credits. Harry got the Citrus Swirl ($3.79), which is a blend of vanilla soft serve ice cream and orange sorbet, and I got a Pina Colada  slushy ($4.69), which comes with a souvenir Mickey straw, from Sunshine Tree Terrace. I wasn't keen on the ice cream as I didn't think the flavours complimented each other well and it was nowhere near as good as the Dole Whip but Harry liked it. My slushy was delicious but very difficult to drink through the tiny straw!

After leaving the park we waited for the Ferry to take us back to the Ticket & Transportation Center and Harry set up a time-lapse video. I wanted to take the ferry instead of the monorail so I could spend as long as possible looking at the castle in the distance! 

As the ferry docked I did my best Princess wave goodbye to Magic Kingdom, but as it turned out it was not going to be my last time seeing it just yet! 


We were off to Epcot for the evening as we had an ADR at San Angel Inn in the Mexico Pavilion. As we'd already seen the Illuminations this trip we'd already decided not to stay for the night and when we saw how crowded it was with people walking into the park and around the World Showcase we were really glad not to be staying. It was a Friday night and the last weekend of Food and Wine Festival so probably not the best time to visit.

Of course we had to take a load of selfies as it was our last day and as it was golden hour the light was beautiful for taking photos of everything. You can probably see in some of the photos the amount of people just walking into Epcot for the evening.

Thankfully Mexico is the first pavilion you come to so we didn't have to battle our way through the crowds around the World Showcase to get to our reservation; although we could've if we'd lost our minds decided to start in Canada and walk all the way around. Mexico is by far one of the grandest pavilions and it's almost all enclosed in the giant Mayan pyramid. San Angel Inn is right at the back and overlooks the Gran Fiesta Tour boat ride. It's also permanently nighttime in here so it looks really romantic.

Sadly for us we weren't given a water-view table and instead we seated next to a wall with no real view of anything. Service here was really fast and we were given tortilla chips with salsa, which always go down well with me, before our main courses which didn't take long to follow. Harry ordered the Combinacion Mexicana, which was a trio of dishes, while I had the Pollo A Las Rajas which was chicken with peppers and onions in a creamy sauce with rice. For authentic Mexican food neither of us were wowed by our dishes, and because our particular table was away from the ambience of the rest of the restaurant we were left a bit underwhelmed. For dessert I had the Pastel de Quest con Cajeta, which was cheesecake topped with almonds, and it was really delicious but I am a fan of cheesecake anyway, while Harry had the Crema Bavaria mousse with orange liqueur. ($72.22 + tax and tip).

Upon leaving Epcot we saw crowds of people waiting to get in and knew we'd made the right decision to leave, even if it meant we didn't get a Cronut after dinner like I'd planned! Unfortunately Hollywood Studios was also really crowded likely due to the Extra Magic Hours and Magic Kingdom being closed to people who weren't attending Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. We didn't arrive in time for Fantasmic and with long wait times for the rides we were at a loss of what to do. We debated waiting around for the Star Wards Galactic Spectacular and hope that a lot of people left afterwards so we could enjoy extra magic hours but I was feeling a bit emotional about it being our last night and not being able to be at Magic Kingdom which is kind of a family tradition for me. 

Holiday Wishes

In the end we decided to cut our losses and drive back to the resort, pick up our resort mugs and head over to the Polynesian resort. If we couldn't be inside Magic Kingdom we could still watch Holiday Wishes from the beach. What we didn't know was the Spirit of Aloha dinner show was on that night so as we got our spot in same place as we had the night we got engaged all we could hear was the finale music from the show for the first half of the fireworks which made for a more unique viewing experience. As it turned out the lyrics to Aloha Oe were kind of fitting for our last night - until we meet again! The music didn't matter much to us anyway as you can't hear the firework soundtrack properly from that particular beach but well worth watching Holiday Wishes from here because there's 180ยบ perimeter fireworks that light up the whole sky. 

After the fireworks we walked over to the Grand Floridian to catch the resort monorail back to the TTC and take a look at Magic Kingdom lit up at night for the last time as we rode past. It was late now and we were tired from a long day going back and forth from the parks. Although our last night hadn't quite gone to plan it worked out well in the end as sitting on the beach watching the fireworks, just like when we got engaged, can't be beat.

Steps: 19,821
DDP Credits Used - 1 QS (7 Remaining) // 2 TS (0 Remaining) 2 Snacks (9 Remaining)
Total Cost (if not on DDP) - $101.87 + tax

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