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All Star Movies

Obviously after such a late night for our 4 Parks 1 Day challenge and extra magic hours at Magic Kingdom we were going to take it easy this morning. We had a lie in, paid off our room balance, tidied up our room and started preparing our suitcases ready for going home in a couple of days. I was still feeling a bit full of cold too so it made sense to hang around for a bit and not rush off for a busy park day.  It was the perfect time to explore the other side of our resort, even though we'd already been here for over 10 days... We were based in the Mighty Ducks section but regularly walked through the 101 Dalmatians section to the Fantasia section where the lobby and food court are based, along with the feature pool, so while we'd gotten used to the cool larger than life movie theming we'd yet to wander off our usual path. 

I actually stayed in the Toy Story section of All Star Movies the very first time I came to Walt Disney World when I was 10 so it was really cool to see all the characters again as an adult. The rooms here are in the preferred category, as they're closer to the lobby buildings, pool and kids play areas, so we couldn't request one and instead opted for Mighty Ducks. This section seems really big but that's mostly because it has the most theming out of the whole resort with huge set pieces and characters scattered from just outside the lobby down the car park at the far end.Right in the middle is Andy's Room which has a giant door for you to walk through and find all your favourite Toy Story characters on the other side as well as a checkers board. 

Of course we had to pose for some photos with some of them! I'm impressed that still fit in the RC car, I and should really dig out an old photos of me sitting on it to show you and compare! Harry did his best Galactic Hero pose with Buzz Lightyear towing behind him. It was an effort just to fit both of them in the photo. You can see by the clear blue skies behind them that it was shaping up to be a beautiful sunny day too so we couldn't hang about for long as it was really hot in the midday sun. 

Magic Kingdom

We'd made a few adjustments to our dining reservations and ended up adding the Jungle Navigation Co. Skipper Canteen to our plans for the day so we headed over the Magic Kingdom. It was another busy day largely due to the Christmas Special being filmed again. We weren't bothered about doing any rides today so instead we spent some time playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom around Adventureland and Frontierland before our lunch reservation.

This time it was Jafar who was in cahoots with Hades which meant Genie was in the ensemble to lend us a helping hand and crack some jokes along the way. You might notice from the abundance of photos but as it was getting towards the end of our trip we started to really appreciate the details of the park. Playing Sorcerers also helps with that as it forces you to look at things you wouldn't normally look at and find spots thats might be more secluded too.

Soon it was time to check in at Skipper Canteen where we grabbed a cup of water each and sat in the air conditioning to cool off while we waited. Before long a skipper came to seat us and reel off some classic skipper comedy on the journey to our table. We were seated in the S.E.A room which had a cabinet of different artefacts at one end and various artwork and maps on the wall. The menu here is also a bit more adventurous than standard Disney menus with a lot of the dishes being themed with puns.

Harry ordered a Guarana Kuat to drink (the same coca-cola product from Brazil that he likes at Epcot's Club Cool) and I got the Punch Line punch which was a blend of tropical juices and we were also brought out bread with a honey style dip which I really liked and made a nice change from the usual bread rolls and butter. Good bread service doesn't always work out well for me because I struggle not to fill up on it! For our mains I chose Nile Nelly's Noodle bowl which almost literally went on for niles and niles because there were so many packed in that I couldn't finish them. Harry had the "Tastes Like Chicken"...Because It Is! which was also good, it tasted better than the dish looked and it was a little spicy. Dessert was a coconut bar, which was deliciously light sponge with coconut ganache, and the Kungaloosh which was a more dense chocolate cake with banana and caramel ice cream. ($66.67 + tax & tip)

It was great to eat somewhere a bit different and try something new, even if we'd had better food in some other restaurants, and the Jungle Cruise theming is really well done and carries across to the skipper servers too which is fun. As we'd paid off our room balance we'd intended to tip in cash but as we were using the Disney Dining Plan our server had automatically added the amount we'd written down to our Magic Bands instead, it wasn't a problem for us but I thought it worth mentioning so no-one tips twice by accident! After lunch we finished up our game of Sorcerers in Adventureland before heading over to Cinderella Castle where we were just in time to see Kelly Clarkson perform I'll Be Home For Christmas.

Now it was quite late in the afternoon so we made our way out of a busy Magic Kingdom and waited as the sun started to set for the ferry boat to take us back across the Seven Seas Lagoon. It's such a beautiful and peaceful time of day to be out on the water and the breeze is so nice after a hot day!

Animal Kingdom

Continuing with our easygoing day we decided to pop into Animal Kingdom just before 6pm to see if we would have better luck this time and be able to catch the Tree of Life Awakenings. As we didn't have to rush of this evening we were able to see all of the features. They're a bit like short films, reminding me of John Lewis Christmas adverts, that are projected onto the tree when one of the carvings 'comes to life', There's one about a little fox and a bear, another about a deer and then one about two birds in love. Of course the best is left to last where animal based Disney characters come to life with real life animal counterparts projected onto the tree and set to their film theme music. The only anomaly being the very brief Avatar spot with the shadow of a banshee flying past! The Disney themed segment was by far my favourite and really stunning to see. 

With our goal for a very brief trip to Animal Kingdom completed it was time to go to Disney Springs for some dinner. We'd heard great things about D-Luxe burger so we braved the line and ordered our burgers and then got given a tracker to put on our table so a server could bring over our food when it was ready. We each got a signature burger (Barbecue and Southern) with a side of fries (instead of a dessert) and drink for our QS credit and the portions were huge and so so good. The skin-on fries are amazing and so are the juicy burgers but you'll need to roll of kitchen paper that's on your table! ($41.25)

After we'd stuffed our faces we decided to try out Disney Quest for the first time! We were warned that there was only an hour until it closed so it would be better to come back another time but with the end of our trip approaching we really just wanted to kill a bit of time and see what it was like. There's quite a few floors each with a different theme so it takes a little while to get your head around. Harry made a beeline for the Fast and Furious racing game first whereas I was more interested in the retro arcade games. 

The most fun we had was on Buzz Lightyears Astro Blaster which is nothing like the theme park ride as instead one person drives the little pod vehicle while the passenger picks up balls to fire in a canyon at the other vehicles. If you get hit it makes your pod spin around in circles! It's a little bit crazy but a lot of fun to battle against everyone else. We also rode a Jungle Cruise themed raft ride but I was absolutely hopeless at paddling which Harry just couldn't understand! By now I was getting a bit tired so Harry spent some time shooting hoops and then we both had a go on an old favourite of ours - guitar hero! Harry then played a few more songs, but sadly he was a little bit rusty, until Disney Quest was closed for the day and it was time to go to bed.

Steps: 19,149
DDP Credits Used - 2 QS (8 Remaining) // 2 TS (2 Remaining)
Total Cost (if not on DDP) - $107.92 + tax



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