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Magic Kingdom

Another early start this morning as we had a pre-park open breakfast booked at Be Our Guest. As we drove over to Magic Kingdom we saw hundreds of people running for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon, many of whom we'd spot later in the day sporting their medals. It took us a little longer than planned to get into Magic Kingdom due to only the resort monorail running, and taking long stops at each hotel, so once we were finally inside we were nearly sprinting up Main Street instead of posing for photos. We needn't have worried though as we had no problems checking in, although we were a bit confused when the castmember told us to wait on the left, so we took a seat on the wall only to see everyone else walking straight in, when she actually meant take the left hand line once inside as we had preordered our breakfast and the right hand line is for ordering!

As breakfast is technically a quick-service meal we were free to choose seats wherever we wanted in Beast's castle so we opted for the West Wing. Perhaps not the best decision as it was very dark in there but it was a bit quieter and more atmospheric. Food is brought out by the servers in a glass case and they're able to find you using the chip in the rose puck you're given as you enter. 

I'd ordered the cured meats and cheese which was presented on a board. I really enjoy this type of food and thought it was a much better choice than Harry's 'Feast a la Gaston' which was a small, hardly a feast, standard Disney breakfast. The bread could've been freshly baked, and the meats were clumped together but it meant there was quite a lot of it. We were also served a section of pastries to share which were nice enough but nothing particularly special. With all entrees currently priced at $25/$14 each the value for money here is poor unless you're on a dining plan or you really want to be in the park before opening. ($53.58 inc. drinks)

Once we'd finished eating we spent some time taking pictures in the West Wing, Ballroom and Gallery which are all themed amazingly well. Despite the park barely being open, the line for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was already 30 minutes so we decided to continue our Beauty and the Beast themed morning by walking into Enchanted Tales with Belle. Walking through the mirror of Maurice's cottage was really magical and probably my favourite part of the experience. The rest is an interactive story-telling of how Belle and the Beast fell in love and of course Harry was picked to act as the Suit of Armour in the play! Seeing him Belle wave at him as he marched away was the cutest thing. 

From there we were able to pack loads in as it was still really early in the day. We headed into Tomorrowland to ride Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin where Harry achieved Galactic Hero for the second time! We also caught the Main Street Trolley Show as it started outside the Plaza restaurant, one of my favourite Disney street entertainments, and The Muppets Present...Great Moments in History as we walked into Liberty Square which was way more hilarious than we expected it to be. From there we took a stroll back towards Fantasyland to ride It's A Small World (I actually quite like seeing all the difference characters from each country!) and finish up our game of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom now that the portals we needed were working. With the park starting to get busier we also stopped to watch a showing of Mickey's Philharmagic which is one my favourites; the plot focuses on Donald Duck and takes you through a load of different movie songs but it seems to be really underrated.


Feeling the need to do another ride we've never done before it was back to Liberty Square to catch the Liberty Belle for a little tour of the scenic views around the Rivers of America, including Big Thunder Mountain which was sadly closed for construction, and then we decided to do another game of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom this time in Frontierland. By now we were starting to get hungry so we made the somewhat mistake of deciding to have lunch at Pinocchio Village Haus which was packed. After waiting in line for more than half an hour, and then having to find a table that wasn't occupied by families waiting for their food, we finally tucked into Chicken Parmesan pasta with caesar salad and swapped the dessert for a side of breadsticks. Great use of a QS credit as we had plenty to share between us. ($21.17 inc. drink). Afterward we walked over to Storybook Circus to watch the Main Street Philharmonic perform a set of songs, including their 'Classics' medley and the songs from Frozen, on our way to Fastpass+ the Tomorrowland Speedway as it was my turn to take a drive!

These little cars really are impossible to steer so I was driving us all over the shop and hurting my arms trying to keep the wheel straight! I think I'll stick to being the passenger from now on. We did have a Fastpass+ to use for Space Mountain as well but as it was currently queuing out of the Fastpass line we decided to give it a miss. On the way out of Magic Kingdom we intended to pick up some new Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards but as the line at the Firehouse was so long there was a lovely cast member standing outside who handed us two packs of cards each! 

Animal Kingdom

After our usual afternoon break and getting ready for going out for dinner we headed off to Animal Kingdom to catch the last Festival of the Lion King show of the day and see the Tree of Life Awakenings. As we walked into Africa I spotted a kiosk selling cinnamon glazed pecans which smelled delicious so I had to get some. They tasted as good as they smelled so well worth the snack credit ($5.00). I had to finish these before going into the Harambe theatre, which wasn't a problem they were so morish, as they don't allow open food inside.

The Festival of the Lion King was as good as ever, a lot of fun and so many different performers to keep it interesting. My favourites are the fire dancer, tumbling monkeys and the finale which includes a bit of everything. There was a particularly stilt walker over by our section that was really enthusiastic and seemed to be really putting his all into his actions!

Once we'd watched the show we popped into the Creature Comforts Starbucks as we'd decided to collect the Walt Disney World 'You Are Here' mugs. Of course we had to get a drink while we were there so we ordered a huge Venti Frappucino ($5.49) to share, you can get whichever size you like for a snack credit, and in true Starbucks fashion they got Harry's name wrong so he's now known as Aaron! Being Disney our drink was finished off with a hidden mickey made from whipped cream and caramel sauce. 

With it now starting to get dark we took our spots in front of the Tree of Life and waited from the awakenings to begin. 

Unfortunately for us it obviously wasn't deemed dark enough as by 6pm, even though all the street lamps were on and all light was gone from the sky, the awakenings still hadn't begun and we had to leave in order to get to 'Ohana in time for our ADR.


We arrived at Disney's Polynesian Resort and checked into 'Ohana but as we had awhile to wait for our table we explored the lobby a little bit first. When we were called we were led into the restaurant by our 'cousin' who passed me a plate of coconut bread and showed us where they were grilling all the meat. 

The restaurant is surrounded by big glass windows and we were really lucky to be shown to a table with views of Cinderella Castle off in the distance. Although we were a bit early to watch the fireworks if you book a table for later in the evening they play the music there in the restaurant so you can enjoy them while you eat!

The food here is all you care to eat but it's served family style so everything is brought to your table. We started with a bowl of salad, which was coated in a tangy dressing, and the coconut bread which was a little dry and not worth filling up on with so many other tasty things to eat. These were quickly followed by pork dumpling and chicken wing appetisers with vegetables and noodles which were my favourite parts of the meal. The main course is chicken, beef and king prawns that are cooked on skewers and brought over to your table. I even tried a prawn for the first time, I'm not a fish or seafood fan, and I actually enjoyed it!

Soft drinks are obviously included but I also ordered a Lapu Lapu although sadly they were out of the pineapples they are usually served in so mine came in a cocktail glass instead (and was subsequently billed at a cheaper rate). This drink is a mix of pineapple and rum which is delicious but also strong! Dessert arrives in a serving bowl with a huge slice of pineapple bread pudding and ice cream which is then covered in a caramel sauce. It's a big portion and a bit sickly but still delicious. ($152.17 + tip)

Just as we were finishing dinner a man was walking around the table playing the ukulele and singing some Hawaiian songs which I really enjoyed and I was a little disappointed he hadn't been out the whole time as it was now time for us to leave. Following dinner we'd planned to go back into Magic Kingdom and watch Wishes but Harry suggested we take a walk around the resort first. We'd had a really nice time at 'Ohana so it seemed apt to enjoy the peace and relaxation instead of heading back to the busy crowds. People were already taking their spots on the beach for Wishes (with the new Polynesian bungalows on the water prime viewing locations are slim) so we carried on walking around toward the Grand Floridian where it was quieter. 

We're Engaged!

It was there on the beach beside the Wedding Pavillion that Harry surprised me by getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him! (You can read more about that in my post here) It was a perfect end to a really lovely day and of course afterward we sat down at the edge of the beach to watch Wishes (in what would turn out to be our last time ever!)

Steps: 17,830
DDP Credits Used - 3 QS (15 Remaining) // 2 TS (12 Remaining // 2 Snacks (16 Remaining)
Total Cost (if not on DDP) - $237.41 + tax




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