Trip Report | Typhoon Lagoon, Shopping, EPCOT & Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue Review

Typhoon Lagoon

While today was a bit more of a rest and relaxation day for us, we were still at Typhoon Lagoon for opening! The difference being that the waterpark didn't open until 10am so we had a little bit of a lie in. We arrived at a pretty deserted park, popped our stuff in a locker and headed off to ride the Crush 'n' Gusher water coaster. It is definitely the best attraction in the park and with absolutely no wait we were able to ride it twice (there's three different slides in total and we did two of them) but after trekking up those stairs a couple of times we decided to move onto something else! Harry took the opportunity to do a couple of the body slides, Storm Slides and Humunga Kowabunga, while I sat and waited as I'm not a fan of water slides that don't involve some kind of rubber dinghy! 

We then moved onto slides I do like, Keelhall Falls and Mayday Falls which both use tubes. I preferred the former which is described as scenic and swift, while the latter is fast and turbulent! Again I don't think we waited in line for any of these, maybe a couple of people before us on the raft slides? Having done all the slides we wanted to (we skipped Gangplank Falls as we weren't with a group) it was time to relax in the Castaway Creek and make our way around to the Lagoon Pool. It was really nice to be able to chill without there being hoards of people around, and a lot of people that were there happened to be British (which is probably as the early November morning was a bit too chilly for locals!). Finally we, and when I say we I really mean Harry, caught a few waves in the surf pool before we made our way out.

IHOP & Shopping

Our plan this afternoon was to have breakfast at iHop; I had the Pick A Pancake Combo with Red Velvet pancakes - yum! - and Harry had a Breakfast Sampler, both cheap and delicious but the service was awful, like she couldn't care less we were there, not attentive at all ($22.06), and then do some shopping in the Premium Outlets and the Mall at Millenia. Well with exchange rate being so low it was really difficult to find any good deals, the offers certainly didn't seem to be as good as previous years and anything we did find (like Yankee Candles) was just as cheap on Amazon at home! Feeling disheartened we decided to skip the Mall and instead checked the My Disney Experience App and scored a couple of Fastpass+ for Epcot instead!


Once at Epcot we made our way to The Seas with Nemo and Friends as we'd skipped this whole area on our previous visit. The Nemo ride is really cute and I love how they were able to overlay the animated characters onto the aquarium, although I don't love how the theme song, 'Big Blue World' gets stuck in my head every time! We then explored the Aquarium and grabbed a spot for the next Turtle Talk with Crush show and laughed as Crush spent most of it picking on one of the kid's Moms. 

Afterward we finally took advantage of Food & Wine festival and hopped over to the Canada booth to grab some Fillet Mignon with Truffle Butter ($8 Each). We both enjoyed these, the sauce had good flavour but the beef was overcooked and dry but not chewy. Being the afternoon it was getting busy around the World Showcase so we opted not to try and more of the offerings and instead moved on to our Test Track Fastpass+. It was my turn to design the car again (a small hot pink number with huge wheels like a monster truck) and I beat Harry's test score again! 

As we headed out of the park to go home and get ready for our dinner reservation I couldn't help but grab a donut from the Joffrey's Coffee kiosk at the entrance. It was huge, fluffy and delicious, well worth the snack credit! ($3.99)

Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue

We'd booked the last Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue show of the night so it was dark by the time we arrived at Fort Wilderness. As we were driving we parked in the in lot by the main entrance and had to take the internal bus through the resort to the Settlement Depot where the Pioneer Hall is. Once we were there we checked in a little window and got our tickets which stated we were table 11. Now thanks to watching See Ya Reel Soon we knew that the digits correspond to the level, row and table, so we were ground floor, first row, first table! We got chatting to some Canadian ladies in the line and the mom was astounded when she saw what table we'd been able to score! (I guess that's what happens when you book your reservation as soon as the 180 day window opens!) Now we had just enough time to serve ourselves some salad and cornbread, which were already laid out on the tables, and order our drinks before the show started.

And boy were we excited when it did! We were familiar with some of the different casts because we'd seen the show on YouTube a couple of times so when the actor playing SixBits walked in we exchanged glances because we knew how well he embodied the role and that would have us in stitches. We didn't photograph or film the first act as we just wanted to enjoy the performance but once we had an interval to eat our main course we propped the camera up to record. Our server brought us buckets carrying ribs, fried chicken, corn, and cowboy beans, which was all good but I don't really remember it because our attention was on the show!

If you haven't seen it before, the show is a mix of comedy and old-fashioned American folk songs performed a bit like a Pantomime. It sounds ridiculous but it is so much fun! Now pictured above is the dessert, brought out from the stage during the Strawberry Shortcake song, which I didn't actually get to eat until the show was finished because just after our server put it down Harry was called up on stage. The lovely Flora Long selected him for his muscles and bravery to play the Indian Brave in their performance of the Ballad of Davy Crockett. 

Seeing Harry on stage miming punching and kicking was just about the funniest thing I've ever seen and I was so proud! The best bit was at the end of the set when he had to fling himself down and pound the stage with his fists as he begged dear old Davy not to die. I was in fits!

It really was such a good night and well worth doing. We'd actually booked Hoop-Dee-Doo before we'd even added on the dining plan to our package so we pre-paid for the category 1 seats up front ($144 inc. tax and tip). With the show finished all that was left to do was finish our dessert and hop on the bus back to our car.

Steps: 19,061
DDP Credits Used - 3 Snack Credits (22 Remaining)
Total Cost (if not on DDP) - $186.05 + tax

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