Trip Report | Hollywood Studios, Sci-Fi Dine-In Review & Disney Springs!


Today was the first time we missed rope drop, but we still arrived at Hollywood Studios not too long after it opened and went to explore the new Star Wars Launch Bay. I like Star Wars but I'm not totally clued up so Harry enjoyed the exhibit more than I did but I still liked looking at everything (being a photography degree grad displays and exhibitions are totally up my street!) I'm still sad that the animation academy is no longer though, it was one of my favourite things to do there. 

There is a lot to take in from models to costumes and props so if you're a fan I think you'd really like the Launch Bay. On our way out toward the gift shop a cast member was lurking around who saw as looking and proceeded to make some awesome Star Wars puns (he must've been a Jungle Skipper in a former life!). 

After exploring we had a Fastpass+ for Toy Story Midway Mania and once again Harry beat me and got best in vehicle, but not best that hour so he needs to up his game! We then headed back toward the Chinese Theatre to see the March of the First Order (our first one of the day!). This was way more impressive than I thought it would be, considering they just walk up and down and Captain Phasma says a few lines up on the stage. The music they pump through is so loud it makes your heart beat along with it! On our way back toward the Launch Bay we came across some Storm Troopers on patrol that were checking up on guests, they're really funny so it's good to see them roaming around. We still had a bit of time to kill before our lunch ADR so we also got in line for The Great Movie Ride but we didn't have to wait for long, just long enough to see some of the movie clips in the pre-show. Of course when our vehicle was hijacked it was by a Gangster; does anyone ever get the cowboy?!

Sci-Fi Dine In

After our journey through the movies it was time to check in at Sci-Fi Dine In for lunch. We'd eaten here once before and really enjoyed the theming so couldn't resist giving it another go. We were seated in 'car' at the back of the Drive In theatre so we had a good view of the screen and all the other cars too. We both ordered the steak and milkshakes (perks of being on the dining plan) but we both agreed that the burgers may have been a better option. The steaks came with a horseradish mash that we'd asked to substitute for fries, which were actually chunky chips, but they still arrived with the mash (which we tried and didn't like) and fries on the side. I really liked the onion rings, and the steak was ok but not the best I've had. Both milkshakes were veeery thick but Harry's Oreo was better than my plain vanilla. For dessert we picked fruit salad as a lighter option and a donut sundae with warm apple compote which was really sweet and tasty. ($88.99 + tax and tip)

After lunch we had a slightly unnecessary Fastpass+ for Muppetvision 3D as there was no wait but we did need to use up our Tier 2 Fastpasses to be able to get a Tier 1 again. The show is a bit dated now but still good for a sit-down and respite from the heat. After seeing the Muppets we were headed out of the park when we spotted the Citizens of Hollywood performing one of their improv routines so obviously we had to watch because these guys are hilarious. Our favourite character is Betty Shambles but they're all great and it's so amusing to see them make up jokes on the spot. 

March of the First Order II

Just as the citizens had finished their set the March of the First Order was on the move again! This time we caught them coming up Hollywood Boulevard so we got a great view as they stopped halfway up to inspect the crowd before making their way up to the stage. Again, such a simple bit of entertainment but I enjoyed seeing them every time they walked past, and they do the March very frequently!

More Star Wars

After having a break back at the hotel we went back to Hollywood Studios in time to catch the last performance of Star Wars: A Galaxy Far Far Away. It's really just a chance to see the characters come out interspersed with clips from the films, there's no real story or performance to it. It's still great chance to see them all though but not something I'd go out of my way to see again. Following the show Harry had a Fastpass+ for Tower of Terror so he went off to do that while I waited in the gift shop. 

There's absolutely no way I'm going on Tower of Terror (I've done it once, when I was 10 and really didn't like it!) but I'm content to have a wander around downstairs waiting for Harry to come down. He's less content to ride it on his own but when he doesn't have to wait it's not too bad! There's a handy Joffrey's Coffee kiosk right outside too and plenty of room for all those left behind.

With not much left too do we then walked around the corner to One Man's Dream to take a look at this history of Walt Disney and the theme parks (again I do like an exhibit!) and we also got to see a preview of Moana. By now it was starting to get late so we wanted to get some dinner in before we had to line up for Fantasmic. I saw that Min and Bill's Dockside Diner were serving nachos so I picked up a portion of these with a 'Blue Milk' ($18.48) and then we walked down Sunset Boulevard where Harry got a pepperoni pizza and breadsticks from Cataline Eddies ($18.27).

Once we'd eaten we were able to go and get our seats for Fantasmic, we were quite early so although there was a big crowd going in there were still a lot of seats available. It's a really good show, I love seeing Mickey make magic with fireworks and water and Steamboat Willie driving the boat at the end. It's just a shame you have to sit on those steel bleachers for so long!

Now was Hollywood Studios is one of the parks that seems to close earlier, we weren't quite ready to back to the resort and instead popped over to Disney Springs for a bit of shopping. We looked in Art of Disney, Days of Christmas, Mickey's Pantry  and World of Disney and this time I even bought something! My Walt Disney World sweater that I absolutely love, so cosy! Afterwards though we were really tired so it was straight to bed for us!

Steps: 14,765
DDP Credits Used - 2 QS (17 Remaining) // 2 TS (20 Remaining)
Total Cost (if not on DDP) - $125.74 + tax



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