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As I mentioned in my 'Help to Buy Experience & Moving' post I'm keen to share a lot more home interiors on my blog as we begin to furnish and decorate our home and the first room that seems just about done is our bathroom (make sure to check that post if you haven't already for a 'before' picture!) This was perhaps one of the easiest rooms to style as the bathroom suite was already fitted and tiled, and to be honest you really don't need a lot of furnishings in a bathroom! 

Photo montage of concrete botanical bathroom with IKEA Molger furnishings.

We had a limited choice of tiles when going through the process of buying our new home and we chose a rectangular natural stone as the best of the bunch (my dream would've been subway tiles but alas it was not to be!). The tile was actually a lot greyer looking in the bathroom than we were anticipating when look at the sample which made it really difficult to pick a floor to go with it. For some reason there's just a lack of co-ordinating options for a grey tile and our choice was even more limited as we wanted bathroom-safe laminate, for ease of laying, rather than a generic floor tile. My vision for the bathroom was to keep it airy and spa-like with a concrete meets botanical feel and  eventually we found a Concrete Tile Effect laminate from Wickes that worked nicely.

IKEA Molger bathroom shelves with products.
Close up of wash cloths on IKEA Molger shelves.
Close up of DW Home Island Tropics candle on IKEA Molger shelves.

I'm a big fan of clever storage so that was one of my main concerns. We already owned these IKEA MOLGER shelves because they fit in an alcove behind the toilet in our previous bathroom where we couldn't attach shelving to the wall. Now we have been able to attach them I love them even more because they serve as decoration as well as practical storage and the openness gives me incentive to keep them neat and tidy. We store toilet rolls and bath products on them and I also use a dark wooden bowl (once from a Body Shop giftset) to store body butters and scrubs. The candle is from the DW Home range at TK Maxx and I've been so impressed as it has lasted for ages (we had it before we moved) and the tropical rainforest scent has a strong throw considering it wasn't expensive. After moving in we also purchased the MOLGER storage stool for keeping spare towels in and seating, and the MOLGER mirror. The mirror is set deeply into frame allowing it to also be used as a shelf which I decorated with a potted plant to add some greenery to the room. I love that all of the furnishings serve at least two purposes and are both practical and decorative. I much prefer the dark wood effect of the Molger range to the more common chrome bathroom accents as it contrasts well against the white walls and grey tiles.

Leafy plant in white pot on IKEA Molger mirror.

I also purchased a hanging shower caddy from IKEA to store all of my products in to avoid spreading them around the bath. It holds a surprising amount and keeps everything within reach. At some point I'd also like to add a bath rack but I've yet to find one the same colour as the wooden shelves.

Bathroom shower with products in metal hanging caddy.

Obviously as we have a brand new bathroom we want to keep it looking new for as long as possible so after showering I like to make cleaning the bathroom a little easier on myself by spritzing the Method Daily Shower spray all over the glass panel to prevent water stains. I love Method products because they don't contain, or smell, of harsh chemicals, so we also use the bathroom spray for wiping down and the toilet cleaner which are both scented with mint!

Method Bathroom Household cleaners with grey tile background.

Our new bathroom is so bright and airy and the complete opposite of the dated, dingy one at our old flat. It just needs a couple more plants, and maybe some decorative pictures, to add some pops of colour and really emphasise the botanical theme. Overall I'm really pleased with the space (less so the spiders that keep appearing now it's Summer!) and it's such a nice change to have a bathroom to be proud of when guests come over. 



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