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Last Sunday it was my 25th birthday and although I didn't document it much I wanted to share some of my weekend with you and do a little haul. Truth be told I wasn't that excited about my birthday this year and there really wasn't anything I wanted, I was way more excited about the prospect of the PLL finale on Wednesday! I dreaded a lot of the birthdays of my early twenties feeling I hadn't succeeded in life the way I had wanted to or constantly feeling younger than my years suggested (I wrote a chatty post about feeling like that on my 23rd birthday) but this time around I've felt the opposite. Instead of having to be reminded that I'm now 25 not 21 I've spent most of the last 6 months believe I was 25 already (like Harry) and accidentally ageing myself above my 24 years! At 25 I actually feel a lot more like myself and content in life which feels great.

Jemma taking a selfie wearing sequin Minnie Mouse ears.

Back to my birthday celebrations though which were kicked off with my family coming over for presents, cake and a delicious meal at a local Brazilian steakhouse. We ate until we almost popped loading our plates up with salad, rice, potatoes and more while servers brought round huge skewers of meat which they carved at our table. Gammon, pork, chicken and every type of steak you could think of. All washed down with Brazilian beer and cocktails. 

Mickey Mouse mug and coaster on white desk with MacBook Pro.

I was lucky enough to receive some great gifts from my family including tickets to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, which Harry and I plan to use over the festive period to take advantage of the Christmas overlay, and some adorable sketchbook mugs from the Disney Store. I also received this Walt Disney Studios mug and coaster set which now has a prime position on my desk and my brother was awesome enough to order me these sequin Minnie Mouse ears from Ears Ever After! 

Krispy Kreme donut tray with bookshelf and birthday cards in the background.

In lieu of a present Harry bought me a huge tray of Krispy Kreme donuts which we spent a few days working our way through and took me to brunch at Bill's although we were still pretty full from our meal the night before! Brunch is renowned for being the most instagramable meal of the day and it definitely didn't disappoint! My poached eggs were creamy and delicious and they certainly didn't scrimp on the amount of avocado on my toast! 

Avocado, poached eggs and bacon on toast from Bill's with pancakes in the background.

Following brunch the weather was looking pretty miserable so instead of going out for the day as planned we drove down to Lakeside for a wander round the shops to see if anything took my fancy. Alas I was out of luck and only came away with a pouch of amazingly scented coffee grounds from Homesense! 

Close up of Krispy Kreme donuts.

With my birthday coming to a close the only thing left to do was load up on pizza and spend the drive home debating Pizza Hut (restaurant) or dominos (takeaway). In the end Pizza Hut won out of hunger and convenience so we wolfed down our favourite (BBQ with chicken, bacon and pepperoni) with some cheesy fries and Pepsi max with cherry syrup. 

Black and white photo of 'Happy Birthday' bunting hung across a window.

As far as birthdays go, this one was pretty chilled. I'd planned to vlog, but aside from a little bit of footage of opening my presents, wearing my new ears of course, not much happened! (I did vlog my 24th birthday weekend though so check that out if you like!) That isn't mean to sound blasé, if anything it's been nice having a quiet birthday at home full of hope of good things to come.



  1. I'm so scared about being 25, I'm 23 at the moment and although I've achieved a lot - there's so much more I feel I need to do before I'm 25.


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