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As I mentioned last week I’ve not had proper internet for two months now so I’ve had to find other ways to keep myself occupied. I’ve been making the most of the opportunity to explore some new TV Series and Podcasts that can be downloaded over a wi-fi connection and saved to watch at home later. A lot of the streaming services that I subscribe either limit what you can download or don’t let you download at all so while I thought I’d be able to keep up with Once Upon A Time and Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, and Scandal and Supergirl on Now TV I haven’t been able to! This post isn’t about what I’ve been missing though so let’s get on.

TV Shows (Available to download to mobile devices from Netflix)


A Netflix Original (loosely) based on the book of the same name about the life of Sophia Amoruso and how she started her online business - Nasty Gal. Each episode is only 30 minutes long it’s really easy to get into and watch a few in one go. It’s a slightly odd show to watch because Sophia isn’t particularly likeable but at the same time she’s finally found a career she’s passionate about and you root for her to succeed. While I hope most of us aren’t quite as lax with the law or as selfish as Sophia I think a lot of us twenty-something women can relate to not yet feeling like a grown up and finding our way, particularly in an ever changing online world.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I was slightly shocked to find out that we’re on Season 3 of Unbreakable (another Netflix Original) already but it became available at just the right time as I was finishing Girlboss and I was able to download pretty much all 13 episodes at once. If you haven’t watched the previous two seasons then you have got a load of binge-watching ahead of you but the episodes are light-hearted, only 30 minutes long and the seasons are short so it will take you no time. The tale of Kimmy is that she was kidnapped as a teenager, told the World has ended and kept in an underground bunker until finally being rescued a decade later. As a result Kimmy is very childlike and often acts like it’s still the 90’s. She’s hilarious as are the rest of the cast and although it sounds ridiculous (and yes, it pretty much is) it’s fun to watch if you’re not put off by it.


Although now all of the episodes are available to binge-watch I was keeping my fingers crossed week after week for a wifi connection so I could stay up to date! Not a Netflix Original but it is available for download. Riverdale a high school/town drama that deals with the series of events that follow when one of the students is discovered dead. It’s a little cheesy at times but the cast are brilliant (Cole Sprouse particularly) and I love the cinematography. Perhaps it’s because the series is based on the Archie comics, or maybe because Jughead (played by Sprouse) narrates it like he’s telling a story but to me it feels almost like a fantasy world and although it’s set in the present, the tight-knit community, locations and fashion make it feel like the past.

Podcasts (Available to download from iTunes)

Following the book of the same name, Emma Gannon talks to women about their experiences being online with chat about social media, feminism, and more. I started by listening to the episodes that featured some of the more well-known names that I follow online (Estée Lalonde, Hannah Witton, Zoella…) but I enjoy the chatty style and the relevance to being a young woman in today’s society. It’s great to listen to successful women speak about their lives while also discussing topics that about being online that affect us.

Hey, It’ OK

You might recognise the name of this podcast, by Glamour editor Jo Elvin, as it is based on the column of the same name in Glamour magazine. Here Jo talks to celebrity guests about all the questions we need answers to (and by we, I mean the audience who can tweet their questions using the hashtag). So, ‘Is it OK?’ Find out when they light-heartedly discuss the problems we might face in relationships, at events or even  just in general.  

Anna Faris Is Unqualified 

You might not recognise her name but Anna Faris is the hilarious woman best known for her acting roles as Erica in Friends, Scary Movie, The House Bunny and more. She’s also married to Chris Pratt and of course I’m not jealous at all. In the first half of the podcasts Anna chats with celebrity guests, asking them questions and doing a bit of improv while in the second half they offer unqualified advice to callers with relationship problems. These can go on a bit (each episode can be over an hour long) so sometimes they are split into two parters but they are always funny and most of the guests are really laid back as well. My favourites include Aubrey Plaza and Retta from Parks and Recreation and Johnny Galecki from The Big Bang Theory.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

This is the slightly bonkers podcast where Jamie Morton reads a chapter per episode of the awful erotic novel his Dad has written alongside commentary from his friends Alice Levine (from Radio 1) and James Cooper. I’d heard of this one for awhile before I took the plunge and finally listened. The concept is strange but it totally works and it’s laugh out loud funny. Seriously you might need to be careful where you listen or if you’re drinking water! It’s extremely cringe and a little disturbing but the podcast is edited really well and it does leave you wanting more (however much you wish you didn’t!). 

At Home With

The final podcast I’ve been listening to is new from Lily Pebbles and The Anna Edit. So new in fact there are currently only 4 episodes but if you’d like something to start listening to on a weekly basis now is a good time to start. Lily and Anna chat to people in their own homes to find out more about their lives and what inspired their home interiors. If it weren’t for the fact I know from experience how much I love their content I’ll admit the premise sounds a little dull. What it comes down to is mostly women chatting about their careers, lives and maybe pointing out a few nice pieces in their home while they happen to be sitting in the different rooms. Naturally all the homes are beautiful decorated!



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