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This was really just going to be a note to say that the blog might be a little quiet over the next couple of weeks as I cope with having limited internet until Virgin fibre is finally installed and travelling back and forth between our new place and my Dad's to move all of our stuff but I realised that would be really boring to read, right? So instead I thought I'd give you a little rundown of things that inevitably happen when you buy your first place or move in general!

First Time Buyers New Home Key

  1. You Panic. The biggest one for me was 'What if the mortgage doesn't go through, What if they come across something and realise they need to the paperwork all over again? What if the help to buy loan fails and they won't let us move in?! Safe to say everything when through fine and we're now the proud owners of thousands of pounds worth of debt - yippee!

  2. You Happy Dance. When the solicitor (or in our case the developer) calls to say you can pick up the keys? Happy dance. When you open the door to your brand new empty home? Happy Dance. All of the happy dancing all of the time!
  3. You put the kettle on. Because, duh, we're British, and that means we have a cup of tea or coffee before doing anything. Bonus points if you actually remembered to bring the kettle, supplies, and mugs, these should absolutely be the first boxes you bring in!
  4. You wonder if it's too soon for a McDonalds. Spoiler: it's not. See when you move, McDonalds is life because it's cheap, you can drive through it in the van while you move all of your stuff and if you happen to complete while McDonalds Monopoly is on, it's bloody addictive. 

  5. You realise almost everything you own is from IKEA. Sorry not sorry, I love IKEA. Old furniture and new, our home is pretty much kitted out like one of their stores. Also until the 14th April, you can get the cost of your meal (hello lamb shank, or meatballs with gravy and jam) taken off of your home purchases at the checkout - another lifesaver if you're planning to make many trips to buy beds, and dining tables like us!

  6. Time becomes relative. Sure it's almost midnight but we absolutely need to build this flatpack furniture right now!
  7. You have awkward meetings with the neighbours. We've bought a new build home which means everyone is moving in at roughly the same time or others are set to move in soon and are nosing around. We met new people through the windows of new home twice in our first night (because that's what happens when you move in on a warm spring evening and have no curtains!)

  8. You feel like you're on holiday. You know how when you go away you have to unpack your case and your toiletries and put them all in the right place? And you go out to eat a lot and explore the local area? It's fun, but it doesn't quite feel your it's yours? Yeah, that.
  9. Similarly eating healthily and keeping track of your spending go out the window. Obviously we need fresh flowers for the living room, and new bedding, and new towels... You know those big Primark and IKEA bags? You'll need them.

  10. You'll use a cardboard box as a coffee table for about a week. It's one of the biggest clich├ęs but it turns out it's true. I never thought we'd be that type but sure enough we were eating Dominos and Chinese (see previous point) from an upside down microwave box. 
There you have it! I'd love to know what you'd add to this list so let me know in the comments or on twitter and I'll try to have the blog up and running as normal ASAP.



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