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Hello everyone, welcome to June! I am finally back to blogging after being away for several weeks working on mine and Harry's YouTube channel but we've put that on the back burner for a bit due to other commitments so I am taking the opportunity to give my blog some love! May seemed to fly by really quickly, probably due to the fact that we went away for a week to the lovely Menorca. It's the first all-inclusive holiday that Harry and I have ever taken together so I was a little apprehensive beforehand that we'd get bored but we actually had the best time!

We arrived in the middle of drizzly grey afternoon pretty exhausted. I hadn't slept in 24 hours due to the early flight and that really hit me during the coach transfer over to the hotel so when we arrived and were queuing up with the family to check in my stress and anxiety levels were really starting to peak. Luckily some lunch, a nap and a whole load of bottled water sorted me out and I was able to completely relax from then on until it was time to catch the flight home.

A montage of photos from Menorca

We stayed at the Holiday Village Menorca which is run by First Choice and while it is heavily aimed at families we really enjoyed it as a couple. It was strange to go away and just relax as usually when we're on holiday we spend a lot of time going shopping, driving, cooking etc. but being able to eat, drink, read and swim whenever we wanted was actually perfect. I joked to Harry that I felt very institutionalised but in the best way because we quickly fell into a routine based around the mealtimes and entertainment schedule. We loved taking part in the poolside quizzes (we won the Disney themed one!) and the evening gameshows and performances were a lot more fun than we were expecting. Although I didn't frequent the gym every morning like Harry I did try to stay healthy and active while on holiday. I ate a lot of meat, cheese, and vegetables but of course I indulged in pizza, croissants for breakfast and the occasional dessert too. We would often take a stroll down to the beach after dinner before it got dark and chilly to enjoy the peace and quiet after everyone else had left and the Cala'n Bosch marina was only a few minutes walk away as well.

Standing in front of an old door in Menorca

A couple of times we caught the bus into Cituadella which was only about 2€ and 30 minutes ride each way. The town was beautiful with its history buildings and Italian style architecture. There isn't an abundance of shops but there are a lot of places selling the traditional Minorcan sandals and delis. I'd imagine during the summer that it gets really busy here but it wasn't too crowded when we were there and it was all too easy to get lost down the numerous cobbled side streets! I'd highly recommend grabbing a map if you're looking for something in particular or even just to find your way back to the bus! For us getting lost was part of the fun and usually we found ourselves in familiar places that just appeared completely different if you approached from any other direction. 

A montage of photos from the old town in Menorca

We visited the Cathedral which cost around 5€ each but the ticket also allowed us entry to the Convent around the corner so it was well worth the price. All around the main chamber of the cathedral were incredibly detailed, life-size sculptures depicting the Easter story while the back of the cathedral contained religious artefacts and paintings. 

A montage of photos from the old town in Menorca

The convent was particularly stunning with its white washed walls and beautiful courtyard. The rooms surrounding the courtyard served as a museum for a number of historic artefacts, paintings and taxidermy. There was also a chapel that had fallen into disrepair where the painted ceiling was flaking off into the giant nets that had been put up below and a single angel statue had been placed in a corner looking like it was straight out of Doctor Who (try turning your back on that one without freaking out!). 

A montage of photos from museums in Menorca

The main observation I had about Menorca was how chilled it was. Perhaps it was the time of year that we went but it was just so quiet all the time. Whenever we ventured out there were hardly any people around and the roads were always deserted. The weather was warm but not too hot which was perfect for us as we tend to burn and neither of us like too lay out in the sun. I've been on hot holidays before where I've had to spend all day inside in the air-conditioning to avoid heat rash and it's not fun.

Writing this blog post just makes me miss reading by the pool, eating delicious food and evening taking strolls to the beach so much! 

If you're interested in seeing more of what we got up to check out our vlog below!



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