Review | Makeup Revolution Haul, First Impressions & Mystery Bag!

Today I have a Makeup Revolution haul for you! I love Makeup Revolution because the brand is so affordable and the products are generally pretty reliable too. I'm always a little disappointed whenever I shop in stores because the shelves aren't always well stocked nor are the products always in the best condition so I decided to have a go at ordering online. I was also slightly persuaded to make this order because they also happened to be offering a mystery bag (including £25 worth of products) with every order over £30.00 and free delivery! I'd intended to treat myself to the Ultra Cream Contour palette anyway and I'd also been after the Radiance palette so I only needed to add a couple of products to make up my order. After looking at a few reviews I settled on the Double Flick eyeliner, Ultra Metals Powder Brush and a Lipstick (on sale for just 75p!). 

I'd read a couple of blog posts that featured the Makeup Revolution mystery bag so I didn't get my hopes up too high and I must admit I'm pleasantly surprised! Admittedly the mystery bag does seem like a way to get rid of some products that might not be selling so well but there are some great finds in here to go with the duds. I received nine products in total but the ones I'm not keen on are the Rave All Night! (bright purple) eyeshadow for obvious reasons, the Salvation Lip Lacquer in the shade 'All That I Have Inside' (I googled swatches, it's basically just glitter) The One Foundation in shade 14 which is about 12 shades too dark for me (but might work as a contour?) and the Pure Pigment eyeshadow in 'Panic' which I just don't think I would wear. I'm most excited by the Beyond Eden Baked Eyeshadow palette because I've been wanting to try green eyeshadow for awhile to see how/if it enhances my green eyes and it's probably not something I would've otherwise bought. I also received a Pro Curve Eyeshadow Brush and while I can see why it might not be popular for eyeshadow (the bristles are waaay to long) I've found it useful for applying the cream contour. 

L-R: The One Blush in Matte Dream, I Heart Makeup Lipstick in 'Rising Pulse', Lipstick in 'Treat', Lip Hug in 'Want To Leave?'
Of the four products pictured above I only actually ordered one and seeing as I like all of them I'd say that's pretty good going. In my mystery bag I received The One Blush Stick in the shade Matte Dream which is a pretty pink colour that I can see myself using a lot. The I Heart Makeup lipstick in 'Rising Pulse' is a true nude that I think could get some wear out of and the Lip Hug in the shade 'Want To Leave?' is a high-shine bright pink that could be great for summer. All in all I don't think the mystery bag was bad at all and, considering it was free and I received some products I might actually use, I'd say it was a hit but I wouldn't recommend placing an order purely to get this offer it's really just a nice bonus. The lipstick I ordered was the shade 'Treat' and is your typical pinkish nude, your lips but better colour. It's usually just £1.00 but it's currently on sale for only 75p and you really can't go wrong with that in my opinion!

On to the products that I actually intended to purchase and first up is the Radiance Radiant Lights palette that is well known for being a dupe for the incredibly expensive Hourglass one. I'm new when it comes to highlighting so this palette is ideal. The three colours are pigmented but not too strong nor are they too powdery. The far right colour can only be used as a glowy bronzer on my pale skin so is probably the shade I'll get the least use out of but the other two are very subtle. I can see myself using the left shade as a setting powder to give myself a bit more of a glow and while the centre shade is the perfect highlight. The Ultra Metals Powder brush is big and fluffy and the rose gold handle adds a beautiful finish to it. Looking back I possibly should've ordered a blush or sculpting brush instead but this one is great for a light dusting of powder all over the face.

My main purchase was the Ultra Cream Contour palette as I am determined to get the hang of contouring and powdered products just aren't cutting it for me. I am going to need a bit of practice using this palette but I already much prefer using it to the Sleek contour palette I was using before. The creams are easy to apply, the bronze shades aren't too orange toned and they are super blendable. I also threw in the Double Flick eyeliner as a more last minute purchase after reading a few reviews and I'm so glad I did. The packaging feels a little cheap but the product is great. I usually use the Soap and Glory Supercat felt tip eyeliner but the Makeup Revolution version is much easier to apply as the formula is a lot more fluid, the colour is a much more intense, truer black and it lasts all day. 

Overall I'm very pleased with the products that I ordered and especially happy to have received some bonus products to add to my collection!

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