Day Out | It's Finally Picnic Season!

Last year Harry and I got into having a lot of makeshift picnics (usually stopping in the supermarket and grabbing some food and shoving it in a basket) so this year we've decided to step it up a gear. We've invested in a new picnic backpack (post to come on that soon!) and we're already planning a few new places to visit instead of just our local park. This weekend we finally saw some nice, warm and sunny weather so we ventured up to Colchester to visit the High Woods country park and I'm so glad that we did. The drive up to Colchester can be awful depending on traffic on the A12 but fortunately for us the roads were as clear as the sky so we made it up there in no time. 

The park was easy to find and parking was cheap so so far so good. The park itself is beautiful. We walked on a trail through the woods passed the children's rope playgrounds until we reached the lake. There were a lot of people already set up with picnics of their own but it wasn't busy or noisy. I'd brought along an old duvet cover which I laid out for us to sit on. While not waterproof so not great for all picnics a duvet cover provides a lot more surface area than your average picnic blanket and as we also had a blanket with us we had a whole lot of space to relax on! For food we'd packed fresh baked ciabatta, a section of Italian meats, and some tomato and mozzarella which we laid out on a board as well as pesto, nuts and some fresh fruit. 

We spent time eating, reading and just laying in the sunshine before putting our picnic things back in the car and taking a stroll on one of the forest trails. 

There are a number of different trails to follow and as we stood at a cross section in the woods we decided to take the shorter walk up towards Colchester and then loop back towards the car park. As we came to the edge of the woods we reached a field that looked out onto Colchester town in the distance, you might be able to just make it out behind our heads! 

We are definitely planning to return to High Woods sometime soon as we really enjoyed our visit. Unlike some country parks it wasn't just field upon field but lot's of woodland trails, hills and lakes to explore. I can't wait to have lots more picnics this summer, hopefully this will be the first of many! 



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