Review | A Lush Skincare Haul and First Impressions!

Up until recently I had never tried anything from Lush. I know, I know where have I been right? For Christmas I kindly received a huge stack of bath bombs to try from Harry and some family and since then I have been a lot more interested in trying products from this hugely popular brand. As much as I really enjoyed trying the bath bombs though what I really wanted was to pick up some products that would be a bit more practical and help me care for my skin a little more.

I visited the Lakeside branch where I was quickly spotted looking a bit confused and was offered help! I was hovering around the face mask section trying to decide between Cupcake and BB Seaweed when I was told that neither would be appropriate for my skin type! She went on to tell me all about the different ingredients and properties of the face masks and suggested the Cosmetic Warrior or Catastrophe Cosmetic for me to try. All of the Lush staff are brilliant at knowing their products and it goes to show how important it is that you talk to them about your skincare needs! I chose the latter product with the instruction to use it three times a week to help clear up my breakouts and soften the skin. Since then I've really enjoyed putting the face mask on, the texture is clay based so it is easy to apply and it isn't strongly scented. After using it my skin does feel softer but it hasn't stopped me breaking out (however this may be because I have been ill recently and binge-eating!). 

Next up we looked at products for hands as I have dry, flakey, eczema prone skin which means they aren't always in the best shape. I was very interested in the Salted Coconut hand scrub but concerned that this could make my skin worse rather than help. Thankfully I was shown how to use the product with some warm water and although it was mildly irritating to my palms (because of the salt) it did make my hands feel smoother and the coconut oil really helped with the softness afterward. I have been using this regularly for the last few weeks and not had any problems with it and Harry has also enjoyed using it after work to remove dirt and help with callouses. 

After being left to my own devices in the store I picked up a Mint Julips lip scrubs as my lips have been driving me crazy with flaking and dryness. I much prefer the mint scent to the popcorn or bubblegum and I have found this really easy to use. Mine is very sugar based and quite dry, I was expecting it to be a little more gel like (more like Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub) but actually the texture is great for scrubbing without being too abrasive although I would like it to be a bit more moisturising and I tend to end up licking a lot of the sugar off! 

I also picked up two bath melts, Floating Island and You've Been Mangoed. I find the bath melts great for softening my skin, much more so than bath bombs and they are almost half the price! However these products aren't the prettiest and do make the bathwater a bit murky with noticeable pools of oil on the surface. You can definitely feel the oil on your skin and it makes it very slippery so if this isn't your thing I'd stay away. If I was feeling indulgent I'd add a bath bomb into the mix just to make the bath look and smell more enticing! In the end I spent around £25.00 in Lush which I don't think is too bad, especially as the products should help my skin out and as usual the store was very welcoming with lots of product demonstrations and excellent staff. 



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