Review | Feeling Positive With The Happiness Planner

Hi everyone! Today I thought I'd have a chat with you about the planner I've been using from Brandmentalist. You've probably seen these around as they come in pretty pastel or monochrome colours that make them super Instagram-able and they are full of inspirational quotes and beautifully organised pages. Thankfully I received mine for Christmas as they aren't the cheapest of planners but they are well designed with rose gold foil lettering on the front, a slipcover for protection and a ribbon bookmark. As you can probably guess this planner is a little different from your average planner as it focuses on how to make yourself happy and unlike most diaries which are either yearly or termly this one is based on 100 days. 

At the start of the planner are a number of worksheets for you to note down what makes you happy,  your strengths, weaknesses, goals etc. This is to enable you to get the most from your planner so you can see what you want to improve upon or do more of in the next 100 days. I found this section of the planner took a long time for me to complete simply because it involved a lot of self-reflection which I found quite difficult. It is well worth taking the opportunity to do this though, preferably on a  sunny Sunday afternoon when you're feeling pretty good about yourself.

Once you're done baring your soul (and contemplating whether you could get a lock that would fit your planner like those ones you had when you were 8...) you get to the actual planner. You start each week by rating how you feel on a scale of 1-5 on factors such as happiness, excitement, energy, calmness, and health before setting yourself some goals (time-management, financial, work and personal) and some rewards for the week ahead.

Each day of the week has a space for you to write the date which means you can start using the planner at any time of the year and there is a handy calendar just in case you need it. This is great for me for when I accidentally miss a week (or a month...) as I don't have to throw the whole planner out I can just continue from where I left off, usually with a little note so I don't get too confused. There are lots of spaces for you to plan your schedule, your to-do list, make notes, and list ideas as well as prompts for you to note down your meals and exercises, any inspiring thoughts, what was good about that day and what you'd like to improve on. On Mondays you'll also get a new inspirational quote to live by.

If a 100-Day planner just isn't your thing you can now buy a 52 week undated version or a slightly altered version for the whole year (currently running from this June to next July). They also do some very Instagram worthy notebooks and pencils with inspirational messages on. I'm pretty tempted by the yearly planner but I'll admit the £40 price tag puts me off so I'm definitely going to see how I get on with my 100 days first. SPOILER: I'm not great at remembering to fill it in so my 100-days may  end up lasting 365 anyway. Regardless of whether I write in it or not I still love the concept of the planner and when I do fill it in I find it helps me be more productive and a lot more self-reflective than I would usually be. 

Do you have any tips for using planners like this? Let me know in the comments!



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