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It seems like everyone and their mum has picked up this book and I am no different. Harry demanded we go to the shop and buy it after reading a friends copy at work one day and though I was sceptical at first it seems like there's a good reason why it is topping the Amazon book chart and popping up all over Twitter and Instagram (and it's not just because Joe Wicks is easy on the eye!). This isn't just a fad diet book, it's about living a healthy lifestyle and exercising, Joe even suggests throwing away your scales - though that seems a bit radical to me!

The beginning of the book explains the principles of the plan and from here it is divided into two recipe sections and an exercise section. Basically you exercise five times a week doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)  sessions based on around 20 minutes of cardio or resistance. After every workout you eat a meal from the 'Post-Work Carbohydrate Refuel' recipe section while the rest of the time you pick meals from the 'Reduced Carbohydrate' or 'Snack' sections. Sounds confusing right? Actually it isn't. Once you start meal-planning and trying out the recipes we found it really easy to follow and it didn't take long to retrain our brains in the way we thought about food. In fact for the first time in ages I didn't feel hungry during the day and I didn't feel guilty about what I was and wasn't eating. 

The recipes are supposed to only take 15 minutes to prepare and cook (Joe often posts 15 second clips of his own meal prep over on his Instagram!) and only a couple of meals in the book are listed as taking longer. The ingredients are easy to find and mostly revolve around a lot of meat (honestly this has been the hardest thing to get our heads around as it is a lot more than we would normally eat in one meal!) vegetables and healthy fats like avocado. At first it was a bit odd to not being eating carbs with our meals but the recipes are filling enough that we haven't missed them and restricting carbs to only one meal has made me feel a lot less bloated too as I haven't relied on rice/pasta/potatoes to fill me up. 

The exercise is also ridiculous easy to follow, thought that doesn't mean it doesn't push me to my limits doing it! Doing HIIT sessions means that you don't have to exercise for a long period of time and you don't need any fancy equipment, just a couple of dumbbells. The moves are very simple and each one is demonstrated in the book with a set of images so you really can't go wrong! I much prefer the resistance workout over the cardio one but both leave me out of breath and my legs like jelly afterword! 

Overall we've both been loving this book. It is very easy to follow once you wrap your brain around it. We've enjoyed all the recipes we've tried so far and I find that this way of exercising really works for me. After my first week of properly following this lifestyle I definitely noticed a change both in the way I felt and on the bathroom scales but I must admit I've fallen into bad habits again since the Easter bank holiday and I really need to get back to it! The only thing I don't like about the book is that it can be difficult to find the recipe you want due to the way the book has been laid out but that is such a minor issue! I definitely think this book has improved the way we think about food and I will be trying really hard to incorporate the principles into my cooking even when I'm not following these recipes.



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