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I've not been having much luck with Blogmas so far! I had intended to post a vlog of our visit to a Christmas market this weekend but unfortunately the weather was dreadful (some of the most miserable we've had this year) and the so-called 'Christmas Market' turned out to be a couple of sheds and some unappealing looking food, not quite Winter Wonderland! I'd also planned a DIY tutorial but that went hideously wrong #pinterestfail. I'm just glad that I decided to only do 12 Days of Blogmas instead of the whole 25 otherwise I think I'd definitely have given up by now! Anyway, back to today's post where I've decided to show you around my bedroom as I've spruced it up a bit for the festive season! 

Some people think I am a bit mad to have Christmas themed bedding but I love it! As we only have a small flat we don't have room from a ton of decorations and I think it really helps to make it feel more Christmassy if we decorate the bedroom too. I fell in love with this pin-up themed bedding from Asda last year as I think it is so cute and colourful! They have a similar one this year that also has fawns on it but there are also lots with stags on which I also love. I've been fighting the urge to buy more festive bedding as I can only use it for one month a year! I've also wrapped some copper wire lights around the bed frame which I ordered from Next for £10.00. I think they look so pretty at night so I'm probably going to leave them up year-round.

I picked up these stag cushion covers in Aldi a little while ago and got a pair of them for just £5.00. They are slightly bigger than the pairs of cushions you can get in Primark but I like to stuff two of the Primark cushions inside to make them a bit more bouncy. I quite like the contrast between the greyscale stag and the colourful pin-up girls!

Finally I decided the room wouldn't be complete without it's own mini Christmas tree. I picked up this little living tree for £5.00 in Next and I love the metal bucket that it came in. It makes it a bit more of a bargain as I can reuse the bucket if/when the tree dies. You can get some trees that come with natural decorations and lights but I like the simplicity of just the red bow at the top. I always keep my eye open for pretty but cheap decorations as I think a little can go a long way to changing the feel of a room. I'd love to get some more bits and pieces but I am trying not too! 



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