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Hey everybody, today it's Blogmas Day 6 and I wanted to tell you my five favourite things about spending Christmas in Walt Disney World. As a side note I really want to have some tutorials up for you soon but this week has been a bit unexpected so I am only putting posts together when I can. Anyway, if you've ever had the chance to spend Christmas or any time over the festive period in Walt Disney World then you'll know it is magical. I'm going to skip over the 'omg it's so amazing to be there' yada yada yada and just get into some of the great things that Disney do to make the experience extra special!

Walt Disney World Christmas Tree Decorations

First up is the Christmas trees that adorn every Disney theme park and every resort. That's a lot of trees! They are also absolutely huge, so so tall and decorated from the very tip to the very bottom with lights and decorations. On top of that, every tree has it's own theme either related to the park or hotel. You can often spot Disney characters and there are even moving toys too. It really helps to make everywhere feel more festive and I'd highly recommend popping into some of the other resorts (particularly the monorail resorts next to Magic Kingdom) to see some of them.

Walt Disney World Christmas Lights

One of my other favourite things about Christmas is seeing the fairy lights. I love seeing them go up on peoples houses around my neighbourhood but of course Disney go all out. Every night at Magic Kingdom there is a castle lighting ceremony where it is suddenly transformed into a sparkly ice castle! This has always been done by the Fairy Godmother casting her magic wand over Cinderella's castle but I think these days that job has been given to Elsa! As well as the castle the most spectacular light display I've ever seen is the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios. I am so upset that this is supposedly the final year of the display as huge expansion works will be happening next year so I only hope that they find a way to bring it back afterwards! The Spectacle is so well done as the lights appear to 'dance' to the music but even when they aren't performing just seeing them lit up is stunning. 

Gingerbread house at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

I also absolutely adore the huge gingerbread creations that Disney build every year. To see these you'll have to pop over to the Contemporary, Grand Floridian and Boardwalk Resorts but they are well worth seeing. I can only imagine how long it takes to put the houses, trees and sculptures together but if you're interested to know exactly what does go into them then Disney always posts a placard next to them with the ingredients! Real gingerbread is used which means this structures smell phenomenal and they definitely make you want to buy some gingerbread snacks (you can even buy tiles just like are used on the house) to take home. Which brings me on to my next point...

Holiday gingerbread displays at Walt Disney World Resorts

...snacks! There are so many festive snacks available at this time of year but Disney do some of the best. All the usual cookies, rice krispie cakes, muffins and cupcakes are available with festive theming and flavours but some snacks are distinctly Christmassy. My absolute favourite is the Peppermint Bark which you can buy broken up in bags or in special festive tins to give as gifts. Christmas is a great time of year to indulge and being at Disney makes it even more fun, peppermint and gingerbread everything for me please. I am still gutted to this day that I never got my hands on the elusive Santa Mickey popcorn bucket! 

Walt Disney World Holiday Christmas Food

Lastly, Disney wouldn't be Disney without a parade and I think the Christmas parade has to be my favourite ever (well except for maybe the Spectromagic..?) The tin men soldiers are so fun to watch and they even form their own marching band! You also get to see all your favourite characters dressed up in the Christmas finest. For some reason I don't have any photos but I do have a couple of Vine videos (taken two years ago, Vine was just kicking off, forgive me!). There is also a special Christmas display of the Wishes fireworks in the evening. 

There is nothing quite like Christmas at Walt Disney World. It doesn't feel like a traditional Christmas (although we did have a traditional Christmas dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern, in the middle of Magic Kingdom, on Christmas Day!) but it is a magical experience. I wouldn't recommend going at Christmas if you've never been there before simply because it is the highest crowd levels of the entire year and it really helps to know what you want to do and be realistic about what you'll have time to do. It really is a lot of fun though!



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