DIY | How to Make A Simple Hanging Advent Calendar This Weekend!

I know I know, I'm cutting it a bit short with this tutorial but if I can do it so can you! Whether your favourite chocolate advent calendar is out of stock in your local supermarket or you just fancy a change you've got this weekend to make your very own homemade hanging advent calendar, and with 20% off in Hobbycraft thanks to Black Friday you've got no excuse not to either (not sponsored by the way, I just made use of my early access this week!) It might seem complicated but it's actually very simple and shouldn't take too long either, you can even do it will watching X Factor tomorrow night. I've made a handy template for you to download too to make it even easier.

You will need:

  • Any fabric you have lying around, or four fat quarters
  • Fabric Scissors
  • A Fabric Pen or Felt Tip
  • Pins
  • An Iron
  • Template, Printed and Cut Out (Click Here to Download!)
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Any Embellishments You Like (I Used Jingle Bells, A Pack of 30 Assorted cost me £1.60 in the Black Friday promotion)

  1. Draw around your template on your chosen fabric and then cut out each panel. If using fat quarters you should be able to fit three rows of four on each quarter. You'll need 48 panels in total.

  2. On each panel, fold over the top edge and iron down flat.

  3. Attach pairs of panels together, front sides facing, and pin along the three sides you need to sew.

  4. Now sew along each of these sides, keeping 1cm from the edge, and make sure not to get carried away and sew the top edge too! Don't worry about being perfect, once the bags are tied and filled you won't be able to notice if they are a bit wonky!

  1. Now gently turn the bag inside out so that the sewn edges are hidden inside and you have a nice bag.

  2. Cut a length of twine, approximately 22cm long, to tie the bag with. 

  3. Add any embellishments that you like. I attached the bells to the twine but you can glue, sew or attach anything you like.

  4. Repeat for the remaining bags.

Once you've completed all your bags you just need to decide how to add the numbers to them to count down to Christmas. You might decide to use a permanent marker to add the numbers to the pegs that you'll hang them on or you can print out your own tags. I've found some really gorgeous tags to print out from Simple As That so I will be adding those to my bags before I hang them up! Of course you don't have to create a washing line for your bags either, I think they'd look just as adorable sitting in a little wicker basket or even hung on the tree! My next job over the weekend is to fill them with lots of goodies. Now I'd better leave you to it as you've got lots to do before the 1st December arrives on Tuesday but make sure you check back next week to see my finished calendar and the start of Blogmas!

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