Day Out | Our Day at Colchester Zoo (My First Ever Vlog!)

Today's post has been a bit of a long time coming as we actually went to Colchester Zoo last month but it has taken me awhile to put this post together! I've been planning to go to Colchester Zoo for most of this year as one of my friend's wanted to test out his new camera, we had enough Tesco Clubcard vouchers for free entry and it's only about half an hour away from where we live, yet for some reason or another we never got around to going. With the Summer holidays over and Autumn fast approaching we finally booked in a date to go one Saturday.

If you're from Essex like me you'll probably have been to Colchester Zoo a handful of times already, it's basically a rite of passage around these parts whether its for a school trip or a family day out I don't think you'd be able to find someone that hasn't been. Personally I think it's always worth the trip as you can really spend the whole day there. I was sceptical that this time around we'd find enough to do for more than a couple of hours as Harry and I are notoriously bad at spending a good length of time anywhere, and we've been to the zoo together a few times before, but on this occasion we walked around all afternoon until our legs were aching! The fact that it was a lovely warm sunny probably helped though...

Some of my favourite exhibits are the sea lions, penguins and any type of monkey, chimpanzee or lemur but it is the 'Wilds of Africa' that really steals the show. Here you can walk through much larger open exhibits that are home to the rhino, giraffe, zebras and elephants and because there are no glass walls or bars it makes it a lot easier to practice taking photographs too. Another favourite of mine is the land train but for some reason we managed to skip it and take a land-rover train instead that follows a much more boring route that is the same both ways (seriously this was the only downer on my day, who knew there were two different trains?!) Harry and I brought lunch with us to save on cash but once we looked at the prices of the wraps we realised we hadn't saved much money at all as everything was really reasonably priced unlike other tourist attractions! The zoo is also really interactive, there are lots of walk-through exhibits such as birds, tiny monkeys and butterflies (which I am not a fan of btw!) and even wallabies and you can also feed the elephants and giraffes for free too, although animal slobber isn't really my thing!

As you can see we also vlogged our day for the first time ever! Harry and I have both got really into watching Youtube over the last few months and as he has just bought a new compact system camera (a Nikon J5 if you're wondering) we decided to have a go at filming ourselves. I apologise in advance if you don't have quite the same sense of humour that Harry does as he does most of the voiceover (and all of the filming) but he seems to think he is hilarious! I do feature a little bit only for me to realise my voice is a lot more TOWIE and a lot less Zoella than I thought... that is something I am going to work on in future! I've disabled comments on the video for now as I'm completely new to YouTube but if you'd like to tell me what you think you can do so in the comments below!



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