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Next time I need a new pair of glasses I will definitely be looking on Glasses Direct before placing an order at the opticians as I really couldn't fault their service or their prices. If you would like to order your own glasses you can use my referral link to get £35 off your first order(*With the Glasses Direct 'Refer A Friend' offer you'll get £35 towards your new glasses priced over £49 and I'll receive an Amazon Gift Certificate when you place your first order; if you'd prefer not to use this offer you can visit their website directly by clicking here). Keep reading for my full experience and review!

Glasses Direct 7-Day Home Trial Letterbox size package on a wooden table.

I'm pretty sure I've shared images of myself wearing glasses on this blog before but if I haven't then I'll have you know that I am indeed a glasses wearer! I started wearing glasses for the first time during 6th form when I realised that I could no longer read the whiteboard from the back of the room. My prescription has got worse over the last five years and I tend to pop into Specsavers every two years for an eye test which really is a general tip for everyone. Even if you don't have bad eyesight it's always worth popping in when they are offering free tests just to check your overall eye health. I booked an appointment back in August and sure enough my prescription had changed slightly so I picked a new pair for around £70.00 (I saved over £100 overall because I subscribe to the contact Lensmail offer) however, I'm now feeling a little silly for buying my glasses from Specsavers as I've discovered Glasses Direct. 

A screenshot of the Glasses Direct Virtual glasses try on screen.

We've booked a holiday to Menorca for next year and my optician duly reminded me that I should never wear my contacts in water (not even in the shower!) because of the risk of a nasty infection. I decided to invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses and though I did have my heart set on a pair of prescription Ray Bans alas it was not to be! Glasses Direct caught my eye (pardon the pun!) for a couple of reasons; they had an amazing offer on including 40% off, a free second pair, and a free sunglass tint, and they also offered a free 7-day home trial.

There are hundreds of glasses to choose from but in order to use the home trial option I had to narrow down my selection to just four. Luckily their website is also pretty high-tech so I was able to use their 'virtual try-on' feature which involves using your webcam so they can scan an image of your face as you look from side to side. You can then 'try-on' any of the glasses on the website and use your curser to move your image around so you can see how they look from any angle. and yes I did spend hours clicking through the pairs and staring and my webcam reflection in the process!

A screenshot of the Glasses Direct website showing "Your Home Trials" with images of four pairs of glasses underneath.

The website is very easy to use and while browsing you have the option to save your favourite pairs or to add them directly to the home trial. Once you've picked four pairs you just need to fill in the order form with your address and credit card details (although the trial is completely free they need to take payment details as a precaution to stop you running off with them!) 

Within a couple of days my glasses arrived through my letterbox in a slim box inside a sleeve with my address on. I love that the box is the right size to fit through most letterboxes as it would be much more hassle to wait around for a courier or to get the dreaded 'sorry we missed you' card instead Inside the box comes each pair of glasses inside its own little plastic bag as well as instructions and a return label to stick on the sleeve that the box came in. I liked that the box looked professional, simple and the instructions were easy to follow. The only negative is that all the glasses come with clear lenses which isn't ideal when you want to know how they will look as sunglasses!

Four pairs of glasses inside a Glasses Direct branded cardboard box.

Once I had tried on my glasses I popped them back in the box, placed it back into the sleeve, stuck the return label on top and took it to the post office, my only qualm was that it isn't 100% clear when the 7-days is up so I chose to return them ASAP. I think it is classed as 7-days from when the box was initially dispatched, but in allowing for the box to be delivered, and how long it would take for it to be returned, you really only get 1-2 days at home with your glasses. I really enjoyed trying on each pair of glasses and it made it much easier to decide whether or not they suited me than just looking at myself on the screen. I loved three out of the four pairs of glasses (in the picture below it is the bottom right pair that I wasn't keen on) so I decided to order one as a spare pair of glasses (top left) and one as a pair of sunglasses (top right - these are blue ombré!).

Four pairs of glasses on a table.

The best part about ordering from Glasses Direct, other than the home-trial option, is that I got such a good deal on these glasses! Each pair should've cost £75 but they always offer 2 for 1 which in itself is a great deal. As well as this I was lucky enough to order at a time when they had 40% off as well, and as it was the summer they were offering free sunglass tints too! I opted to have anti-glare and scratch resistant coatings put on my glasses which I believe was the Silver package which again was on offer and cost £12 for each pair instead of £20. Overall I paid around £65 for both pairs of glasses and delivery which I think is amazing! The order process was really simple as I had my new prescription to hand but if you choose to order some new glasses for yourself you will have to make sure your prescription is up to date. After placing my order I had an email come through to tell me when my glasses were 'in the lab' and another to say they were on there way to me. The delivery time was really good and my glasses arrived each in their own cases with a new cleaning cloth. I really like both pairs of glasses and they fit my face really well, I just wish I'd known about these before spending over £70 on just one pair of glasses in Specsavers!

I know I seem to be raving a bit too much about them but I promise you that this post isn't sponsored I just genuinely think they are great and I wish I'd known about them sooner! If you would like to order any of your own glasses though you can get £35 off your first order with this link*

(*With the Glasses Direct 'Refer A Friend' offer you'll get £35 towards your new glasses priced over £49 and I'll receive an Amazon Gift Certificate when you place your first order; if you'd prefer not to use this offer you can visit their website directly by clicking here).



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