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I've never been a huge breakfast person, it is certainly not my favourite meal of the day and it is such a struggle to find something that is not only appetising but also healthy and filling. Before I started drinking smoothies for breakfast I usually ate a bowl of Kellogg's Special K with sultanas but I found that this never really kept me full for long enough and it still packed a surprising amount of sugar in every mouthful. Although I haven't mentioned it on my blog recently you may remember that I have been trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle in general and one of the ways I have been keeping on track is by drinking a smoothie for breakfast every morning. 

The secret behind this particular smoothie recipe is that it is packed with protein and oats to help stave off hunger and make it more filling than your usual fruit smoothie. Adding a scoop of oatmeal is a tip I picked up from one of Jamie Oliver's FoodTube videos as it helps turn an ordinary smoothie into one suitable for breakfast by making it more substantial. The oats add fibre and protein, which  help you feel full and stops you from overeating, and also help to prevent the sugar high you can get from regular fruit smoothies. Protein is also so important, I've only learnt recently that we should be aiming for a portion of protein in every meal we eat so as I don't like to cook eggs, or meat, for my breakfast I supplement my smoothie with a protein powder. 

My Everyday Morning Breakfast Smoothie Recipe: (Serves 1, approx. 294 calories)
  • One Scoop (25g) Porridge Oats
  • One Scoop (25g) Chocolate Peanut Butter Whey Protein (available from
  • One Medium Banana - Peeled, sliced and left to freeze overnight
  • One Mug of Water (or milk, almond milk, iced coffee).

In your smoothie maker first add they dry ingredients, then the frozen banana and top with your chosen liquid. Blend until smooth.

It is also really easy to mix up my smoothie, for example if I feel like I need a bit of a boost I'll substitute the water for cold coffee (I brew 1tsp coffee in a regular mug, add just enough boiling water to dissolve the granules and then top with cold water) for a slight caffeine hit. If you like your smoothies a bit creamier you can replace the water with your favourite milk but beware that this will increase the amount of calories. When I'm feeling indulgent I like to use almond milk and a spoon of peanut butter for an extra nutty taste! 

If you decide to give my recipe a go please let me know! Remember I am not a nutritionist expert so please do your own research if you are looking to lose weight, this is just a recipe that I enjoy and have tried to make as healthy as I can based on my own (limited) knowledge and my own tastes. I hope you've enjoyed this post!



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