IKEA Haul & Home Updates

So I finally got around to taking photos of all the bits I got from IKEA! If you don't know I have been feeling a bit fed up with my flat recently, we've been living here just over a year now and I've been getting a bit desperate to shake things up a bit and move things around. I get bored quite easily so I've always loved having a big clear out and I was always rearranging all my bedroom furniture when I lived at home and even at university. Having everything remain in the same place for an entire year is very unlike me! I finally cracked and Harry agreed to help me move all of our living room furniture to face a different way and I planned some ways we could spruce the flat up a bit. At the top of my list was a new shelving unit and coffee table for the living room and an IKEA Kallax system for our bedroom that would replace my bedside cabinet.

I absolutely adore the IKEA Kallax storage, formally the Expedit, and I thought it would be a great addition to our bedroom. I love them because they are so versatile, you can stand them up whichever way you like and there are so many different add ins for them too. As the unit is replacing my bedside cabinet we also purchased a set of two drawers, so that I could keep all my essentials to hand, and they were really simple to install. I also picked up a floral folding box to go in the bottom cubby and I've filled it with all my hair styling tools, travel make up bags etc.

The top two shelves are more for decoration and provide extra storage for my books as we are rapidly running out of space in the flat for anymore!  On the top shelf you can see the cute milk bottle vase that I picked up in IKEA and the carnation too, I think both of them together were about £1.50 so definitely a bargain and the flower helps brighten up the space! Next to them is one of my vintage cameras from my collection, a Lubitel Twin Lens Reflex, because no space in my flat is finished without one!

The second shelf holds my dock, which I use to charge my iPhone and set my alarms, and at night I always have a bottle of water and my glasses on there too. I've moved some of my books onto this shelf too but I've still got lots of room for all the news ones I want to buy! I'm really pleased because I think the Kallax looks so pretty with little decorations on it but it's also really practical for storing all my things.

I didn't buy too much for the living room as we already have a lot of stuff in there. We used to have a desk with our huge iMac on there but as we both just use the Macbook Pro and our iPads now we decided to sell it. To make better use of the space we removed the top from the desk and stacked the two sets of shelves (that used to form the legs of the desk) on top of each other to create one tall unit which we secured with a bracket. I've moved yet more books on to here (Harry's this time) to free up space in our little book shelf and it also contains some of our office storage and all of Harry's university textbooks. 

I really wanted to brighten the shelves up and add some greenery in general so when I saw a trio of mini cacti in IKEA I had to have them! There were lots of different coloured pots available but we liked the green and they were another bargain at only £5.00 for all three! The main reason I wanted cacti is because I know I will forget to water them so at least they will stand a chance at survival! As well as the cacti I treated myself to a reed diffuser in Next. The scent is called Sea Salt and Driftwood and they were actually pumping this scent through the store while I was in there, I just love how refreshing it is. It was a bit more pricey than some of their other scents at £12.00 (I also like the apricot one) and it is also available in candle form (which I also nearly picked up).

That is it for my IKEA home updates so I hope you enjoyed this post, if you liked it let me know and I might post some more home style blogs. Also I just thought I'd mention that I hadn't realised until this week that I had Google+ comments enabled (what?!) so I've fixed that and now anybody should be able to comment, so please do and if you have any problems let me know on Twitter!



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