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Recently I've been feeling that the restaurants in my home town are a bit lacking, while there are quite a lot of options and I really shouldn't complain, there just aren't any new or inspiring places around. As much as I love going out for a Nando's (and who doesn't?) I'm getting a bit fed up with the lack of different styles of restaurant and cuisine and I've started to look further afield to places like Bluewater and Westfield Stratford City for some better dining options. I could easily create a list as long as my arm of restaurants that I love, or would love to try, but I'm trying to keep it simple by picking three that I think would add a bit of variety to where I live and maybe where you live too.

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First up is Wahaca. This is a new discovery of mine that I first noticed it when we went to Westfield earlier this year while we were eating at another restaurant opposite. I loved the street market theming and it seemed pretty popular, I'm a fan of Mexican food in general so when I saw it under the dining options of Bluewater's website last weekend (I was having a quick browse as we were planning a shopping trip) I persuaded Harry that we had to go. The food here isn't your typical Tex-Mex, it's inspired by real Mexican markets and the food is fresh, vibrant and full of flavour.  They source their ingredients from local suppliers here or from co-operatives that support local farmers in Mexico and describe their food as a balance between healthy and hearty eating. When Harry and I visited we loved everything we tasted, from small plates of foods for sharing to bigger plates for one, there is a lot of variety but we recommend the Chicken Tinga Tacos, British Steak Burrito and Salted Caramel Ice Cream. It's messy to eat but it's fun and casual, grab yourself a Citrus Fizz or Horchata to drink and relax. 

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My next pick is The Real Greek which I love and wish we could go to more. I love Greek style food; flatbreads, tzatziki, hummus, Mediterranean vegetables, I just can't get enough of it but unfortunately I find there is a real lack of restaurants that serve Greek cuisine. At first look the menu might seem a bit confusing but it is actually very simple. You pick a number of small plate dishes, all of which are explained under the title of the dish, to share. The cold ones are brought to your first, like a starter, and usually involve flatbread and a dip. Hot dishes are brought out afterwards and are usually meat based skewers, keftes or meatballs with sides of potatoes or rice. Harry and I always go for the set menu as it makes choosing your dishes a lot easier for indecisive people like us! The plates are served on towers which is a great idea to save room on your table and it makes everything look so appealing. I definitely think we need more Greek restaurants around!

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You might think my final choice is a bit odd but sometimes I just really crave a good burger and for that we need a GBK! Now I know that there are a lot of amazing independent burger joints around that are probably miles better than GBK, and I am definitely going to make it my mission to try them, but at the moment we just don't have any of those where I live. I think everyone town needs a dedicated burger restaurant for when you get those cravings, as much as I love the Philly Cheeseburger at Frankie and Benny's (and boy do I love that burger!) it would be great to have somewhere that makes burgers their speciality. And Fries. And Milkshakes. GBK also has a rewards app, so there's that (anywhere that wants to reward me for eating burgers with more burgers is fine with me!). 

There you have it, three restaurants to liven up the dining options of my dear old town, please let me know what you would choose!



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