Wanderlust with my Air bnb Wishlist

I recently became obsessed with Air bnb after seeing some of the amazing places some of my Facebook friends have stayed in across Europe. The idea of staying in some else's home intrigued me so I decided to see what all the fuss is about myself. I started by having a quick browse of the website but I soon found myself trawling for trip inspiration and experiencing all kinds of wanderlust! If you're not already aware, Air bnb allows users to post their own homes are potential holiday destinations across the world. While that might sound awkward to stay the least (after all who really  wants to stay in someone else's house amongst all their things) it is much nicer than it sounds. You can filter the places you'd like to see, for example I will only rent an entire place not just a spare room, and also choose which facilities you need (wi-fi etc.) There are some real gems on Air bnb so you might be surprised! I've started building wish lists of places I'd like to visit so I thought I'd share them with you!

As you can see I already have lots of wish lists, I actually have nine in total! It's a lot like Pinterest in the sense that you can create different boards and organise them by location, theme, or anything you like. I have a few boards for places around the UK, another for sunny places in Europe, and some city ones too. I also try to only save places that are in or around my budget, it makes me feel like these holidays are all within my reach!

One of my favourite wish lists is my New York one. Air bnb have lots of travel inspiration available as well as lots of neighbourhood guides to help you find the perfect trip. I loved the idea of taking a trip to New York and staying in a proper apartment instead of just a hotel and some of the apartments that are listed are just to die for! I also think New York is one of those places where it would be great to have insider information so you can experience the less touristy side. Air bnb really advocate communication between host and visitor so while on most holidays I'd rather pick up the keys and not see them again until I drop them off, in this case I think it would be really insightful to have a conversation with a real New Yorker!

I also really love my Paris wish list. I've been to Paris a couple of times now so it would be nice (and potentially cheaper) to stay in a little apartment in some of the quirky areas of the city. I prefer to look at places that are only used as holiday lets or where the owners don't live there full-time as I'm not so keen on stepping into someones home. Being a city there are plenty of places like this to choose from and the apartments I've saved on this wish list are all so gorgeous and modern, they're practically mini hotels themselves! I adore browsing through all the photos, particularly of those overlooking the Canal St. Martin.

Air bnb is definitely a website I've fallen in love with and I can't seem to stop planning ideas for mini-breaks! We've already booked a week long holiday to the Cotswolds for my birthday in June where we'll be staying in two different charming locations (both of which are holiday lets only) and I can't wait! I'll make sure to post about our Air bnb experience and share lots of photos with you too.



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