Baking | My First Ever Attempt at Making Cookies!

It might come as some surprise to you that I have never actually made cookies before! Part of the reason for that is that Harry has never liked them until recently and I never saw the point of baking up a batch just for me. Well Harry has finally come over to the dark side and is now eating cookies by the dozen so I decided to have a go at making them myself. 

Montage of photos showing the process of making cookies.

I decided to make Peanut Butter Blowouts as we have both been loving peanut butter recently. The recipe calls from peanut butter, chocolate chips, roughly chopped peanut butter cups and peanuts although I omitted the nuts from the recipe. They were really easy to make by combining butter, peanut butter, sugar, eggs and flour before mixing in all the chocolate. I then dolloped a teaspoon of the mixture on to a baking sheet for each cookie.

Cookies cooling on a rack

The recipe made just under 30 cookies which seems like loads but they were fairly small as they didn't spread out much. I left them on a cooling rack to cool (duh!) and I could only just fit them all on. As you can see they do vary in size a fair bit!

Cookies cooling on a rack

Overall I was happy with my first ever batch of cookies! The flavour was really nice but I wasn't so keen on the texture. The cookies were very soft and cake-like whereas I prefer them to be chewy and crunchy. Harry loved them though and ate far too many in one sitting! I would definitely bake cookies like these again but I would probably use a different recipe next time for bigger and chewier cookies!



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