Happy Things This Easter

Easter is always one of my favourite times of the year. Spring has finally arrived, the weather is generally pretty nice and of course we get those two much coveted extra days off! Although it hasn't been record-breakingly hot like one newspaper promised it hasn't been a bad weekend and I even made a trip down to the seaside yesterday just for ice cream in the sunshine. I've been lucky enough to receive quite a few Easter eggs and, although I was tempted, I haven't scoffed them all already. I've baked yummy cakes and over-indulged in lots of food. I spent the weekend catching up with friends and lots of family, going out for drives and attending the first boot sales of the year. Harry and I ate a delicious meal next to a cosy fire at a local pub that we'd never thought to visit before despite it being just around the corner and now we can't wait for Summer to sit out drinking Pimms in the evening overlooking the fields. We listened to Radio 1's One Hit Wonders playlist almost all day today and relived some random and wonderful songs from our teenage years. I fuelled my new coffee addiction with caramel lattes from Costa and overloaded the syrup in our home brewed mugs. My carnations buds bloomed into pretty pink flowers to brighten up my living room against the grey on those cloudy days. It was a nice, fairly chilled weekend, but now I'm counting the days until May Day!



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