Why Every Gym Playlist Needs a 90's Britney Anthem

I'll admit going to the gym isn't my favourite time of the day. I'm usually find once I get there and I never regret going but I often find myself lacking enthusiasm. I've recently started running on the treadmill and it's really important that my playlist gets me in the mood and stops me from slacking off. I usually have my playlist on shuffle so I never really know what song is going to come next, but on my last run I hit the jackpot: Britney Spears - Stronger! Now I hadn't had the best day, and although I did make it to the gym I still wasn't really feeling it until that song came on. Oh my, it was feel-good, empowering and just really got to my inner 90's child (admittedly Stronger came out in 2000, but still!). There's actually a lot of old school Britney songs that put me in such a good mood I can't help but sing along and they are just what I need to up my game when I'm running. With I am Stronger than Yesterday blasting in my ears it reminds me just why I am at the gym, to get fitter, healthier and of course, stronger and it makes me push my just that much harder. I highly recommend you add some Britney power anthems to your playlist too!



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