My Most-Used Fitness Apps

I have been using a lot of different fitness apps recently in my bid to get fit and become altogether healthier and more aware of my body so I thought I'd do a short post of recommendations for you!

First up is My Fitness Pal because I absolutely use this app the most. I don't know what I would do without! I have been using this app for almost a year now, and although I don't always use it every single day I try to use it as much as I possibly can for tracking my food intake and exercise. The app is very easy to use to track your daily intake of calories as a lot of foods are already listed in an online database. Most of the time you can just search for a food and enter a portion size and it will tell you how many calories it is. If you can't find the food on the database it is also very simple to add in the information yourself using the nutritional information on the packet. It also allows you to add your own recipes and save them, so if you eat Spaghetti Bolognese a lot you only need to add the information once! When I first started using MFP I was really surprised by just how many calories some foods contain, but since I've started daily tracking I am a lot more aware of what I am eating and less likely to stock up on high-calories snacks!

While I love MFP for tracking food, I prefer FitList for tracking the exercises I do at the gym. This app is great for setting yourself fitness targets as well as logging weight and reps for weight training or distance and minutes for cardio. You can search for different exercises or create your own and you can also add different workouts to your calendar. The app actually does so many different things I don't think I've used all the features yet! I feel really good setting myself a workout and being able to check off each exercise while I'm at the gym though.

Another app I use at the gym is Interval Timer. I started doing the NHS Couch to 5K programme using their weekly podcasts, but as much as I enjoy the trainer telling me when to start running, stop and giving encouragement I really hate the stock music it uses!  I downloaded the interval timer app so I could programme in the same times as the NHS podcast (For example Week 1 is: 5min warm up, 60secs running/90 secs walking x8 sets, and then a 5min cool down) but use my own music. The app is fully customisable so you can choose any times and sets you like, choose any playlist from your music that you want it to play and pick which sounds you want to alert you of an interval change. Since using the app I've found running a lot more fun!

The last app I've been using is the really simple Move Your App. I'm guilty of sitting down for a lot of the day with my laptop or watching the T.V so I downloaded this app to give an hourly reminder to get up and walk around! I selected a time frame for it to work in and now every hour it buzzes with a little cheeky caption telling me to move my app! 

That's it for now! Let me know if you have any fitness app recommendations for me to download!



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