March Monthly Roundup

I can't believe it's the end of March already! This month has all been a bit of a blur but I have some really pretty favourites to share with you today. First up is this cute illustration of Paris that caught my eye on Pinterest, it's a little late as I went to Paris last October but I thought it would look great in a pretty frame on the wall to serve as a reminder of our trip and it's just so pretty and chic!

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I've spent a lot of time pinning Easter cakes and cupcakes ready for next weekend! This one from The Cake Blog looks simple and effective to make. The nest effect is made using by swirling chocolate and melted marshmallows around and the grass is green glitter sugar. 

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Spring is now in full force and I've seen so many crocuses pop up around where I live that I really want to grow my own. Our flat is only tiny so these teacup planters are perfect! I can't wait to get some bulbs and have a go at planting my own to add a bit of spring colour to our living room.

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I drink a lot of tap water every day, especially since I've tried to cut out fizzy drinks, so I love these ideas from Blogilates for adding a bit of flavour and healthy benefits to my drinks. These are especially good if you don't like the bland taste of unflavoured water and so easy to put together.  

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On the Free People Blog I loved 10 Things I learned on the Road for road trip lessons that can be applied to life and some beautiful photos from across America, it gave me a real wanderlust for the open road. 

I've really enjoyed Hannah Gale's blog this month and her post about being Overwhelmed by the future really resonated with me. I also loved her more lighthearted take on 37 Things that instantly put you in a good mood.

Lastly, I live in a pretty small flat so this article on having More Style Less Stuff from the Inspired Room had some great tips for me!



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