Five Things I Want To Do In London

Although I don't live too far from London I don't tend to visit as often as I should. It takes about half an hour by train to get in to Liverpool Street but usually we drive down to our nearest tube station to avoid the train fare and just use our oyster cards to get around. I've done most of the touristy things at least once, some several times, over my lifetime so I don't feel the need to take in all the usual sights every time we go. My favourite things to do are visit the museums and galleries and almost all of them have free entry, while I was at university I visited a lot of art and photography exhibitions so I learnt to find my way around and got to know some of them quite well. There are still lots of things I haven't done in London though, and by the looks of some of the blogs I follow there is quite bit I am missing out on so I'd like to get to know my city a bit better! After having a bit of a browse I've come up with five things I'd like to do in London soon. 

(I actually had a few more than five, but almost half of them were to do with food so I'll be doing a separate post on places I want to eat in London soon!)

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1. Borough Market
I am so surprised that I have never visited Borough Market despite being in close proximity to it so many times! Quite frankly I didn't know it existed until recently, but since seeing it feature on so many blogs I've decided that I need to pay a visit ASAP! If you don't know already, I absolutely love food and seeing as the market offers so much variety it seems like an ideal place to try new things. I hope to visit on a nice day so we can stock up on food supplies and have a picnic, and perhaps bring a few treats home with us as well. 

2. ZSL London Zoo
I think I went to London Zoo once as a kid but I really don't remember it at all. Our local zoo is in Colchester and I've been so many times that it's starting to get a little dull. One of the other reasons I'm drawn to London Zoo is because it was used as a location in the very first Harry Potter book and is also shown in the film version too, we're hoping to visit a few HP locations this year during our trips to Oxford and surrounding areas in the summer so this will be another location to check off! I love seeing animals, although I hate that they are in cages, and it's always fun to try out a new attraction. Adult Tickets cost £22.50. 

3. Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Following along the animal theme is a visit to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum. This isn't a new one for me as I have been before in 2012 but it is always a really good chance to see some amazing wildlife photography and I still have a bit of a soft spot for the Natural History Museum as it reminds me of my childhood! The photographs are stunning, the timing of some of them is just impeccable, and to see animals photographed up close in the natural habitat is amazing. The exhibition is on until August 30th and costs £14.00 for an adult (inc. donation). 

4. Audrey Hepburn Exhibition
Another exhibition I'd like to visit this summer is Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon at the National Portrait Gallery. I went to the NPG's Glamour of the Gods: Hollywood Portraits exhibition a few years ago and I absolutely adored so I'm hoping that this once will be similar in showcasing classic portraits and film stills of Audrey Hepburn. The exhibition is also supposed to include archive material from her life and vintage magazine covers so it sounds like a dream! Audrey Hepburn may mostly be remembered for her film roles and her beauty but she was also a philanthropist and worked with lots of charities, she's certainly a role model so I can't wait to find out more about her life. Tickets cost £10.00 (inc. donation) and the exhibition runs from July 2nd - October 18th. 

5. SkyGarden
The final attraction on my to do list is the SkyGarden which I only discovered recently. The SkyGarden is an indoor public garden set above the London skyline. It offers a 360ยบ view overlooking London and includes an observation deck, open air terrace and numerous bars and restaurants. I'm a sucker for a sunset and an amazing view so this sounds right up my street! I'd love to relax and just take in the sights, people watch and enjoy a drink instead of rushing around London like I normally do. Entry for the SkyGarden is free, but you need to book a place. 

There are probably tons of other things that I need to do in London that I haven't added to this list, but I am only one person and I can't do it all! I'm open to suggestions though so if you have something that I simply must do then please let me know!



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