What I've Been Listening To

1989 - Taylor Swift

I'm not usually a Taylor Swift fan, I mean, it's not that I don't like her music it's just that I've never really followed her. When Shake It Off came out year it was the anthem of the Summer and when Taylor followed it up with Blank Space I loved that too but the fact that she wasn't on Spotify meant that I never really had the chance to listen to the rest of album and I wasn't enthralled quite enough to buy it myself. It was when I was out with a friend for the day and she was playing 1989 in her car that I realised just how good the album is, so I borrowed it and became addicted pretty quickly! My favourite track is Style, which has just been released as a single, but I've been listening to the whole thing on repeat and not got sick of it yet. It's very chilled, a little bit of pop music, a bit of 80's style funk but very easy to listen and sing-along to. 

Wanted on Voyage - George Ezra 

This is George Ezra's debut album and I got it for Christmas. It features the songs Budapest, Listen to the Man and Blame It On Me and it is folky and happy and just perfect on a sunny day. It reminds me a bit of Newton Faulkner in that kind of chilled, soulful way but a bit more modern. I love the music video for Listen to the Man featuring Ian McKellen too it's so fun. George Ezra's voice is big, earthy and beautiful and I enjoy listening to him even more than I thought I would. The album is easy listening, comforting and fun. 

The Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack/Awesome Mix Volume I - Various Artists

So this one is actually Harry's and I bought it for him as a Christmas gift because we both loved the film so much when we saw it. If you haven't seen Guardians of The Galaxy I'll fill you in! The main character Peter Quill/Starlord is originally from Earth and his most treasured possession is his cassette tape walkman which contains a mixtape given to him by his mother featuring tons of 80's songs that she loved and wanted to share with him. These songs make up the soundtrack to the film and are typically played during the pivotal moments to provide either humour or drama. We love listening to this album in the car as it's really feel-good, reminds us of some great moments in the film and is really cheesy too!



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