February Monthly Round-Up

Today I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite reads from the last month around the blogosphere. I haven't done a post like this before so thing first one is going to be a bit basic but hopefully next month I'll have a better idea of what to include and remind myself to make a note as the month goes on rather than struggling to find them all at the end! 
February is a strange month as we're all still trying to find our feet a bit with the new year but some articles and blog posts have really stood out against the crowd for me. One such post is this one by ALO about being an 'encourager'. A lot of us are guilty of viewing others successes as a negative, a reminder that perhaps we aren't doing so well and jumping at the chance to criticise and bring them back down to our level, but actually we don't need to compare, or judge others to make ourselves feel better and we should all make an effort to be more positive. 
Another way to encourage being nicer to others is to remember to be nicer to yourself! Popsugar's series '7 Days to Love your Body' really helped to tackle some of our body issues this month, and this post about Positive Affirmations provides some great tips for defending yourself against negative thought processes and building a more healthy and positive mindset when it comes to looking in the mirror.
Following along the same idea I loved both of these posts by Coley's Opinion about Feeling Big (in a world that tells us we're small) and 8 Ways to Feel Alive. I needed these to help me feel a bit more confident and remind me to be braver, get out of my comfort zone and just change things up a bit! 
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Breaking up all of that positive thinking is this beautiful post from the Free People Blog featuring some glorious images on the theme of The Beauty of a Sunset. It really speaks for itself.
Another one of my favourite topics is food and it breaks my heart that there aren't more quirky restaurants around where I live! Zoe London's review of Bitchin Burger Joints has had me craving burgers for weeks and I can't wait to try some of the places she recommended. 
My final favourite this month comes from The Sunday Chapter is includes a whopping 150 Blog Post Ideas for when you've hit writers block! This is one I will definitely bookmark and be coming back to whenever that mental blank strikes!



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