Bomb Cosmetics Little Hotties Review

For Christmas I received a box of Bomb Cosmetics Little Hotties with a new wax tart burner to go with them. I've never burned wax tarts before so this was a new one for me but I was excited to give them a go. Bomb Cosmetics have tons of the tiny little wax tarts in numerous fruity, floral and seasonal scents which you can use individually or mix together. They also provide a little instruction booklet full of recommended combinations that you can copy to produce a tailored scent! (I lost my booklet but you can download a handy PDF here). Pina Colada is on the top of my list to try followed by mint choc chip! From what I've heard it's better to find a Bomb Cosmetics retailer and fill your own box full of tarts (RRP £6.99) than to purchase online as you'll get a better choice of scents and also be able to cram in as many tarts as you can (some reviews state their online orders arrive only half full). 

Unfortunately the scents combined a little while being in the box for so long and some of them smell a little soapy but once they start to burn they seem to get their original scent back. They are very easy to use, you just select three tarts and put them in the top of the burner and light a single unscented tea light beneath. Mixing them can be a little hit and miss, I didn't have the right combinations of scents to follow the recipes on the guide so I had a go of making my own. The first I tried was a mix of vanilla and similar scents and it worked well, subtle, sweet and enough throw to make my living room smell nice. My second attempt was lavender based and I intended to burn them before bed, but the scent was a little too much like bathroom freshener and I wasn't keen. Once melted the tarts can be left to harden and the scent should last through a few burn sessions before you need to remove the hardened wax and throw it away.

Overall I was impressed with the Little Hotties, I like that you can customise your scents, most of them smell really nice and you get quite a lot of tarts for your money if you purchase in store. The scents aren't as powerful or delectable as my favourite Yankee Candles, but they are a lot cheaper! Perhaps I should get some Yankee Wax Tarts for a better comparison? I would be tempted to get wax tarts again as they're cheaper than candles but I don't think they'll replace my love of Yankee Candles!



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