Why Netflix Adding Pretty Little Liars (with New Episodes Each Week!!) Has Made My Week!

I'll admit it, I have January blues already. In fact I spent the first four days of this month pretending it was still December, thats my denial for you! (A new year really should start on a Monday anyway, right?). But, today I found out that Netflix has added Pretty Little Liars to there line up, and I am beyond excited! Here's why:

I started watching Pretty Little Liars back when Season 1 was first on MTV. The story revolved around four beyond beautiful girls (seriously who looks that flawless all the time during High School?!) dealing with disappearance of their best friend Alison, and their mysterious stalker only known as A. A somehow knows all the girls secrets and all the lies they've told (things only Allie would know).  Basically I got hooked; I had to know what had happened to Allie, who A was and why he/she/it was hellbent on making the girls lives hell, and how the two were connected. The episodes started off with just a little threat from A and an instruction on something he/she/it wanted them to do, pretty much your standard blackmail but by Season 2, we were well and truly down the rabbit hole in a world of confusion, lies, and suspended belief.

Now here's the kicker - just as I was hooked, MTV UK decided not to renew the show, meaning Pretty Little Liars has not been shown on UK TV in FOUR YEARS! I'm am sure I was not alone in my 2011 outrage at MTV, I still haven't forgiven them... For the past three seasons I have had to watch Pretty Little Liars online, and it hasn't been easy I can tell you. Watching TV on streaming websites is never fun, I don't recommend it, but sometimes it feels like you have no other choice. In order to feed my addiction to PLL I have sat through buffering, crap quality video, useless links that don't work, university internet that constantly crashes due to overuse and more. Sometimes I've only been able to watch episodes for 30 seconds at a time, or less, due to buffering issues, sometimes it has taken over 3 hours to watch a single episode!

You're probably wondering why I didn't just give up? To be honest I don't know why I persevered, maybe because at Uni I didn't have much else better to do than sit and wait, maybe because every Wednesday I just knew it was PLL day and as much as I wanted to resist, I couldn't! BUT imagine my excitement when I unexpectedly turned on Netflix and there it was, all 5 seasons of episodes so far, with the promise of new episodes each week...
I'm pretty sure it I was in shock, it was so unexpected! The feeling of all those horrible experiences streaming it online just washed away, I NEVER have to sit through that again. I know every Wednesday the latest episode will be waiting for me, less than 24 hours after it's aired in the USA, and maybe, one day, in the not too distant future, I will finally know...who A is!



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