My Free Pretty Desktop Backgrounds To Brighten Your Day!

I've recently had a clear up of my Macbook deleting files, putting everything in the right folders, backing up months of photos etc. as you should every once in awhile and generally giving it a freshen up. Of course no overhaul is complete without a new desktop background so I switched up my usual one for a pretty polka dot slogan design that I created on Photoshop back in the summer for a refreshed new look.

By the time I started up my Mac the following day I'd completely forgotten that I'd changed the background at all, so when it loaded and I saw 'hello beautiful' displayed on the screen it really cheered me up and brightened my day! Then I thought, 'Who wouldn't want to be greeted like that when they load up their computer in the morning?' even as the surprise of seeing it wears off it still brings a little smile to my face and it is such a pretty and simple background too if you're fussy like me when it comes to your desktop.  

So here we are, a little gift from me to you, to brighten your day and add a little prettiness to your laptop - Available in teal polka dots with the 'hello beautiful' slogan to bring a smile to your face or in pretty pink with 'Time for Tea?' displayed to remind you to take a break from the screen and put the kettle on!  To download just click the link below each image. Please do not redistribute without credit.


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