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After lots of Christmas themed blog posts I'm finally breaking the trend by bringing you a delicious special occasion cake! As I've mentioned previously I had a go at making a special cake for my Dad's birthday which was actually the week before Christmas. I make cakes quite a bit, so I wanted to try something I hadn't done before and a little bit more of a 'showstopper'. After much browsing for inspiration I decided to have a go at make a Beer Glass birthday cake. The general idea is that the cake resembles a traditional glass beer stein with foam dropping over the edge. The cake itself is tall and thin, (like a glass) unlike traditional Victoria sponges which tend to be two layers sandwiched together and quite wide. Unfortunately my first sponge was a disaster that completely stuck to the pan leading me to make the salvageable pieces into cake balls! Fortunately my next attempt faired a lot better and I was able to bake three sponge layers to work with. 

Cake layers sandwiched with buttercream

The next step was to cut and assemble the layers. I used a regular cereal bowl as a template to cut around to make all the layers the same size then I sandwiched them together with icing. I decided to make a cream cheese icing because it's a bit lighter than buttercream (four layers of buttercream seemed a bit much!) and I made a bit runnier than usual for the cake topping. I crumb-coated the entire cake with the icing ready to attach the fondant. I've never used fondant to cover a cake before so this was a bit of a learning experience for me! I rolled out the yellow icing in a long rectangle and then measured and cut it to size using a ruler. I tried to wrap the fondant around the cake as tightly as possible but as you can see there are some bulges! To give the effect of a beer glass I used a knife to score lines down every inch of the cake. Then I piped over the runny icing making sure to let it drip down the sides.

The back of the 'beer glass' cake.

As a finishing touch I used some red fondant and letter cutters to spell out 'Happy Birthday Dad' and added some fondant stars too. I also crafted a handle out of yellow fondant and tooth picks! 

Overall I was really happy with how the cake turned out, it wasn't perfect but I don't think it looks bad at all for a first attempt! My Dad was really chuffed with the effort I had gone to for his special cake - and it tasted pretty dam good too! 

Close of the 'beer glass' cake with Happy Birthday Dad

Overall view of the 'beer glass' cake with Happy Birthday Dad

Front view of the 'beer glass' cake with Happy Birthday Dad



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