My Christmas Wish List 2014 - Part 2: Beauty & Stocking Fillers

Today I am posting the second part of my Christmas wish list which focuses on beauty products and stocking fillers. If you missed the first part of my Christmas wish list I posted earlier this week you can catch up here to see my top festive essentials and gifts. I've tried to keep this list between £0.00-£10.00 so these products make perfect cheap gift, stocking filler or little extra (there is one exception which I couldn't resist adding but I'll get to that later!). 
First up is the Revlon Coloburst Matte Balm. I'm a little late to the party on this one as I don't often buy new make up products but I have seen these matte balms and the newer lacquers feature on a number of blogs and decided I had to give it a go. I love a red lip but have so far only ventured into lipstick and even then only own two shades. Lipstick can be a little tricky to apply so the balm seems like a great addition as it comes in the form of a crayon. The colour I've picked is called 'Striking' and is a bright red.
For the Autumn months I changed up my usual black eyeliner and bold deep red lip for a more natural golden glow using my The Body Shop Shimmer Waves on my eyes and cheeks with a neutral lipstick. I've now caught the eyeshadow bug so next on my wish list are two W7 colour palettes, In The Buff and In The Nude. These palettes are dupes for the highly expensive and highly desired Urban Decay Naked collections, and at only £5.00 each they have been snapped up but tons of beauty bargain hunters. The first palette contains 12 neutral and nude colours, while the latter's colours are much more pink and rosy toned. I couldn't decide between the two so I settled for both! 
It was then that I realised I really needed some good eyeshadow brushes to create the look I was after. I've only been getting so far with the only eyeshadow brush that I own which, while great quality, doesn't offer much precision. This LyDia professional 16 piece set includes rounded eyeshadow, angled and eyeliner brushes as well as a number of other brushes of different shapes, sizes and functions. For less than £8.00 I don't have huge hopes for quality, but the set gets good reviews and I'm hoping they will give me the opportunity to experiment more with eye makeup before investing in a few high quality individual brushes. 
You will of course notice however that I have added a 'blowout' option in the form of The Vintage Cosmetic Company's Brush Roll to the wish list just because I couldn't help it, they are so pretty! These brushes retail at a much higher price as the set includes just 5 brushes for £30.00 with additional brushes costing between £7.00 and £15.00.  Once I'm well practised in applying eyeshadow, I'll be saving up for these. 
Lastly I've included a couple of nail polishes in seasonal colours and these pretty Cath Kidston nail files. You can't go wrong with a deep red nail colour at this time of year, so when I realised I didn't have one and saw this in New Look for less than £3.00, you bet I hoped to find it in my stocking! Navy blue is my ultimate favourite colour but it is a nightmare to find a decent navy nail polish, my current pick Rimmel's Aye Aye Sailor has an almost black finish, so I have high hopes for this one by Kelly Brook at New Look. The files are a tad expensive at £6.00 for just 3, but after getting cheap ones in Primark that fall apart very quickly I'm hoping these are both stylish and functional! 
Well that is my Christmas Wish List all wrapped up for this year! I will be posting a Gift Guide to what I am buying my huge family for Christmas soon to perhaps give you some ideas if you are stuck, I have been super organised this year and have already bought most of them. I'm also incredibly excited to be putting our Christmas tree up at the weekend! Are you feeling festive yet? 



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