Tips for Buying Your Boyfriend's Birthday Gifts

Clockwise: 3 Month Subscription to My Geek Box, Jack Daniels Tennessee Whisky,  The Flash T-Shirt (as seen on The Big Bang Theory), Example - Live Life Living Album, Lindor Truffles, Deadpool: The Complete Collection Vol. 2 Book

It's that time of year again when it is time to buy my boyfriend's birthday presents. It seems the longer we're together, the harder this gets as my unique and wonderful ideas just seem get fewer and fewer. If my math is correct, this is the 7th (?!) of his birthday's that we have celebrated together and, while my ideas aren't perhaps as special as they used to be, I think I have got the present buying down to a fine art!

  • Be unique. If you're his girlfriend you should know him pretty well, perhaps even better than anyone else in the world, so try to buy him something only you would buy him. It is my absolute pet hate when couples take each other shopping to buy them a present on their birthday, it's just so impersonal from someone who should know you pretty personally! While this is getting trickier with each passing year, Harry and I have never ever told/asked the other person what to buy. I usually try to get him at least one gift that he wouldn't have thought of which, while risky, usually pays off in the end. And if it doesn't? 

  • Be eclecticIt tends to look as though you've put more thought into what you're buying and it also helps you to think of more ideas if you buy gifts that are of different kinds. It's also way more fun, usually the best part of any birthday or Christmas is unwrapping presents - no matter what they are! Unless you're 90% sure that he will love that one big expensive gift you're planning on buying him, spend a little less on the main present and get him a few smaller, inexpensive gifts too. Having a selection of gifts increases the likelihood that he'll be impressed overall with what you've bought him, just in case you missed the mark on one or two of them. 

  • Pick A Theme. This works best if your boyfriend has a particular interest, but it is much easier to think of gifts all based around one theme. Since discovering Harry's love of Marvel comics my gift buying has become a little easier as it gives me a place to start, but a theme can be created out of anything that helps to tie your ideas together. This year I decided on a 'Geek' theme based on his main present - a three-month subscription to My Geek Box - so I ordered him a comic book and t-shirt to go with that. When buying gifts don't work too hard to make everything fit one theme, a good couple of presents that work well together is all you need.

  • Follow a Pattern. If you get stuck for ideas it is really easy to follow this pattern of gift-giving. Buy him something to wear, listen to, watch, drink, eat, and read. It's not necessary to include every single one of those, and you might be able to think of some others, but it shouldn't be too hard to think of at least one thing for each category. After picking one main or unique present I usually follow up by following this pattern to think of some eclectic ideas, and if they happen to tie in with the theme I have in mind then even better!

I hope I've helped some of you out with my gift buying tips, although these have worked for me in the past I am by no means an expert so if you have any follow up suggestions please leave them in the comments below! 



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