My Guilty Pleasure - Watching Property TV Shows

I have a confession to I sit here I'm watching channels 4's Phil Spencer Secret Agent. I put it on because there simply wasn't anything on TV except for How I Met Your Mother re-runs which I'm fed up with watching 24/7, but I've found myself turning the volume up, laughing at Phil's corny jokes and being genuinely interested! Watching him walking around and judging this house that the owners have failed to sell I can easily point out exactly what is wrong with it - for a start mostly everything they own clashes chronically. I feel like I'm doing something shameful because at 22 surely I shouldn't enjoy watching shows about property while drinking a nice cup of tea? But actually I love nosing at other peoples houses and thinking about how I would improve them or decorate. I made Harry watch Grand Designs last weekend too, and an episode of Location Location Location! 

It's not just on TV either. In real life while I'm in someone else's house there's a good chance I'm thinking about rearranging their furniture, how they could make better use of storage or what wallpaper would look best as a feature wall. I love walking around Ikea through all of their showrooms with pretend houses and observing how they've put different products together to create the 'look'. I'm also absolutely addicted to Pinterest! One of my favourite things to do is look at images of beautifully designed rooms and houses to pin on my 'Forever House' board. (FYI my definition of a 'Forever House' comes from what my mum defines as the dream house she and my stepdad want to move in to, where they will retire and live for the rest of their lives).  My other favourite tag to browse is 'Organisation'. I can't stand clutter or mess and I have a compulsive need to know where everything is!

My 'Forever House' Board

Back to Phil Spencer Secret Agent and the solutions for the house seem as obvious to me as they are to dear Phil. Firstly de-clutter the house, as potential buyers do not want to see clothes out,  loose wires, cluttered shelves etc. everything should be tidied away and out of sight. Next get rid of clashing patterns, in this house they have a lovely new floral wallpaper with a hideous patterned old carpet and tons of mismatching accessories, it doesn't work in the slightest! A neutral carpet would add light to the room and bring the style together. Finally choose a few accessories that add personality to a room and promote a homely feel, no one likes a room that is bare so you do need to strike a good balance. 

These are rules that I have tried to abide by in my own home and I think I've even managed to assert my influence over Harry so that he now has the same way of thinking! When we are shopping we are always looking out for things that suit our colour scheme and the style that we already have and we have tried to maximise storage in our small flat to avoid clutter. 

So let me know: Am I alone in my guilty pleasure for property shows or do you, like me, find yourself taking inspiration from images of beautiful rooms and judging those on makeover shows such as Phil Spencer Secret Agent for their lack of style?



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