A Weekend in Paris Trip Planning

You might remember waaay back in February I won Interflora's Valentine's Day competition which included a weekend in Paris! Well we have finally got around to setting a date in two weeks time! The trip includes: Eurostar travel, two nights in a 4* hotel, a three-course at Noces des Jeanette (a Parisian brasserie) and a tour of the Musée du Vin complete with wine and cheese tasting, worth a total of £885. Pretty exciting right?

Harry and I have visited Paris before when we took our first trip abroad together for my 18th birthday. We did most of the touristy things then but to be honest it was all a bit overwhelming, so this time around I decided to put a lot more thought into planning to make sure we make the most of our (just under) three days. 

We'll be staying at Best Western's Victor Hugo hotel which claims to be just a short walk away from both the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe and has good links to the Metro and Bus transport. I've used to Pinterest to research some things to do while we're there and their 'Places' feature makes it really simple to map out where everything is. This makes it so much easier to plan our days around different neighbourhoods and areas, or 'Arrondissement' as the French would say because it can be really confusing when researching attractions to know exactly where they are or what is nearby. 

My main plan for our trip is to keep it fairly simple, with minimal rushing around and lots of time spent enjoying the atmosphere. I love art galleries, so we'll be visiting the Louvre, Musée d'Orsay and Centre Pompidou while we're there aiming to visit one on each day so it doesn't get too mind-numbing! A lot of the tourist attractions get super crowded, so we'll be giving the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame a miss as we've seen them before and instead I've been using Pinterest to find some new and unique ideas. One of these is the Canal St-Martin which features in the film Amelie and looks just so tranquil and relaxing, there's also the Pink Flamingo Pizza shop close by which will deliver your pizza to you by bicycle while you find a spot to sit at the canal! 

It's hard to avoid being a 'tourist' in another country when you're walking around a big unfamiliar city, don't speak the language and are unaware of the culture so I've ordered a Lonely Planet Guide to Paris and a phrase book so we can familiarise ourselves a bit before we go. This will hopefully help us blend in a bit more and be more relaxed once we're there. I've also ordered a wallet with a belt-loop for Harry to keep our money, passports and tickets hidden inside his jeans as you can never be too careful.

Of course one of the things I'm most looking forward to is the food! So I've pinned some great tips on how to make a Parisian picnic, where to get the best macarons and hot chocolate and some local food markets too (all things I missed out on during our first visit!) 

I've posted a selection of my pins below but make sure to click on the link through to my board for all things Paris related!




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