My Weight-loss Journey - First Milestone!

Its been a good number of weeks since I wrote my first weightless post back in June, but today I can finally say I have lost a stone! It has taken longer than I'd hoped I must admit, I began by losing a steady 2 lbs a week, but in the last couple of weeks it has slowed down I was getting a bit down that I seemed to have hit a bit of a slump. But as I weighed myself this morning and saw I was whole stone lighter than when I started I felt a renewed sense of motivation and feel as though I can now push on to lose the next stone!

I don't know if I feel much different. Some of my clothes aren't as tight, but I haven't dropped a dress size yet. My Dad mentioned I looked a bit thinner around my face but I can't see it really. The problem with losing weight gradually is it makes it a bit hard to notice, and the pounds tend to drop off from fat on your whole body, so you can't see it in just one area like your tummy. I do feel a lot healthier in what I'm eating. I switched from white bread, rice and pasta to wholewheat versions, cut out sugary drinks (I drank mostly blackcurrent squash and water before, but now if I'm at a restaurant I'll order diet drinks or alternatives) and hardly ever eat chips, crisps or other snacks. Despite this, I haven't banned ANYTHING. I think banning food automatically make you crave it more, so if I fancy a bit of chocolate I will eat it, I just have to make sure I allow for it in my calories that day or do a bit more exercise to make up for it. Some days I find I haven't even eaten ENOUGH calories, so I might have some Malteasers (which are great because they're light so you can have quite a few!) to account for it. I've cut down on my portion sizes which is good for me, and my bank balance as it means when we cook in bulk there is more left over to freeze, and I don't often feel hungry either. I'm just altogether more aware of what I'm eating, what is good for me, what isn't and how much I should be eating thanks to using the My Fitness Pal app. 

I still find exercise difficult. I've been doing between 20 and 40 minutes on the exercise bike almost every day. I also took up yoga (check out Yoga with Adriene on Youtube) which is really really hard, partly due to my hyper-mobility in my arms which means they are slightly double-jointed and won't look into place when I put weight on them. Apart from the wobbly arms during my downward-facing dog, I've found I quite enjoy yoga and it is very calming and relaxing, particularly if you burn some incense and play some soft music at the same time, so I need to find some more time to fit it in. 

My goals are pretty much the same as they were before. I'd love to be at a healthy BMI by Christmas so I need to continue to watch what I'm eating and perhaps have a few less 'cheat' days (I've been a bit bad on recent weekends after being good all week) as well as try to increase the amount of exercise I'm doing. 

Is anyone else trying to lose weight? How are you getting on?



  1. I'm not trying to lose weight but just eat healthily. It's going OK at the moment - glad you're doing well.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog


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