What I'm Listening To: Bastille - All This Bad Blood

I started listening to Bastille while I was at university when their hauntingly beautiful songs became stuck in my head. I bought myself their first album 'Bad Blood' and downloaded their EPs 'Other People's Heartache' Part I and II to feed my obsession. I'm not usually a big music fan but I found myself listening to Bastille on repeat and their melodies seemed to resonate within me. The deluxe edition of their first album, 'All This Bad Blood' features all of the songs from the original album as well as a few new songs and the addition of some of the 'Other People's Heartache' EPs. 

Disc One
  1. Pompeii
  2. Things We Lost In The Fire
  3. Bad Blood
  4. Overjoyed
  5. These Streets
  6. Weight of Living, Pt. II
  7. Icarus
  8. Oblivion
  9. Flaws
  10. Daniel in the Den
  11. Laura Palmer
  12. Get Home
Disc Two
  1. Poet
  2. The Silence
  3. Haunt - Demo
  4. Weight Of Living, Pt. I
  5. Sleepsong
  6. Durban Skies
  7. Laughter Lines
  8. Previously On Other People's Heartache
  9. Of The Night
  10. The Draw
  11. What Would You Do
  12. Skulls
  13. Tuning Out...

I have a lot of favourite tracks of this album, it really depends what mood I'm in. The song I absolutely couldn't live without is 'Of The Night'. I loved it on their original EP so I was thrilled when they released it as a single to promote their deluxe album too. Their mix of the club classics 'Rhythm is a Dancer' and 'Rhythm Of the Night' works amazing well and I love the slightly melancholy feel. I listen to it when I'm sad, turned up loud with my headphones on but I listen to it singing along in the car too, it's just one of those songs that works whatever my mood. My other favourite is Laura Palmer, although because I to listen to the album most in my car I tend to forget the track name! This song sounds fab turned up loud, singing along in my car at night (I don't know why it works so well at night but it just does).  The lyrics "This is Your Heart, Can You Feel It?" are amazing, I shout them out as loud as I can over the music. 'Icarus' is another one to blast out in the car, it has a great drum beat that I play on my steering wheel because its so catchy. My other top picks are Pompeii (of course, the original song that got stuck in my head and even lead to me watching a documentary about Pompeii itself!), 'Things We Lost in the Fire' which is also super catchy and 'These Streets'.

My least favourite track is probably 'Oblivion'. Its a bit of a dreary ballad and the lyrics "Are You Going to Age with Grace? Are You Going to Age Without Disgrace" and the high-pitched falsetto get on my nerves. I also have mixed feelings about Disc 2. I love love love Other People's Heartache but I was disappointed that more of tracks weren't included on this album, 'Of The Night' and 'What Would You Do' are great, I just wish they'd included a few more (particularly 'No Scrubs I love singing to that track with my best attitude put on!). The other songs at the beginning of Disc 2 need another listen for them to grow on me. 

If you're not familiar with Bastille you can listen on Spotify here! What are some of your favourite songs? Did they leave any of your favourite Other People's Heartache tracks off of the deluxe album?



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