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I've been aware of Sticky9's Instagram magnets since before they'd even changed their name from
Stickygram, yet I hadn't been compelled to purchase any until now! Since moving in to our first flat I have been doing my best to make the place our own. When we cant re-decorate and space is limited the best ways I've found to add bits of personality are to put lots of photos up, add pops of colour with sofa covers and cushions and to stick lots of little knock knacks around, but our fridge is still big blank white block! 

I felt like some Instagram magnets would add a bit more spark to our kitchen so I made the link between Sticky9 and my Instagram account. The process was super easy, after linking my account I could view all of my images and just needed to choose 9 of them to form my 3x3 magnet grid which is available in two sizes (I stuck with the regular size). I chose a selection of images from our trips to disney and the WB studio tour so we could relive those happy memories every time we open fridge. It also allowed me to choose if I wanted to keep the Instagram border on the images which was a helpful option. The magnets were currently 15% off which made them even more appealing although at £9.99 and free worldwide delivery they were pretty fairly priced to begin with. Now all I needed to do was wait!

They arrived within a few days which is pretty speedy and came in a nice branded package. The magnets came as a grid and needed to be gently broken off before I could stick them on the fridge. The colours are slightly darker but overall the quality and colours are really good. The alignment isn't always exact, on some of the magnets there is a very thin white edge but it's nothing to complain about. I'm very happy with the size, I did wonder if I should've opted for the larger magnets but the regular sized ones are around about the same size as they appear on Instagram on my phone and look great on the fridge. I'd definitely order from Sticky9 again and get another set of magnets to add even more personality to my fridge!

If you would like to order your own set of Sticky9 magnets use the code FRIENDVE8H to get 15% off your order!



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