Welcome to the 'new' Blog!

With the New Year already in full swing I decided it was time for a fresh start - and that means a revamp of my trusty blog! Previous readers will notice I have a new name (The Awkward Life of Jemma) and a new look featuring a cute casual notebook background and pops of my favourite colour of the moment - navy blue.

My blog used to focus on my journey as a photographer, offered tips and showcased recent photoshoots but my new format will instead focus on everyday aspects of my (awkward) life! I toyed with the idea of creating an entirely new blog but decided it would be just as easy to simply re-vamp my current blog and that way I could still keep my favourite posts. During 2013 I took to blogging on my business website instead of using Blogger which is why my posts have been lacking recently but in the last month I began to miss blogging and decided to use Blogger for my personal posts instead.

Like I said it is time for a fresh start. 2013 brought lots of highs and lows for me; it was a turbulent year that made me question everything and messed with my head and I'm hoping 2014 will help to make everything clearer.



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