Amazing Valentine's Competition Win!

You may not know but I am an avid 'comper' (someone who regularly enters competitions). I had given it a break for awhile but as I began to have some more time on my hands I started again in a bit of a frenzy. It was on Monday that I got a couple of phone calls in a row which, when I managed to answer, gave me my biggest competition win to date! It was Interflora calling to tell me I'd won their Valentine's Competition (which I'd literally entered just before midnight on the closing date the day before!!) which included a trip to Paris and a bouquet of roses worth £500!! I was in shock I think, but she emailed me to confirm and sure enough I received a Virgin Experience pack in the post a couple of days later and the roses were delivered today! 

The Paris experience includes Eurostar travel, two nights in a 4* hotel and two meals, the whole thing is worth almost £1000! The roses are almost ridiculous they are so huge! They are so beautiful though and they are interspersed with little heart crystal pins. I took 6 out to put in a separate vase to represent mine and Harry's six year anniversary, he usually buys me individual roses but since I already received 100 it seemed a bit silly to buy any more! The roses are gorgeous but a little impractical, there's no way you could put them in a vase, or even a few vases, they are really difficult to water and of course you definitely can't cut the end of the stalks off as you usually would with cut flowers to prolong their life. I think it's definitely the only time I will ever have 100 roses in my possession (I can think of other things I'd rather spend £500 on!) so I took lots of photos to remember them. You can also see from my Valentine's card that Harry got into the theme of Paris so we just need to pick a weekend to go! This wasn't my only Valentine's day win either, I also won a load of love hearts sweets, including multipacks, limited edition 1D rolls and their new squishies, from Swizzels via twitter! I'm not such a fan of One Direction but I was quite happy with the I Love Harry hearts hehe!



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