The Day I Finally Got to Graduate!

I wasn't really looking forward to my graduation I'm not going to lie! Everyone else seemed to have their graduation ceremony quite soon after their course finished but mine wasn't until November despite finishing in June, by the time it came around it seemed kind of pointless. The idea of having to walk down the aisle of Canterbury Cathedral dressed in a long gown and heels wasn't one that filled me with joy! The whole thing seemed to fill me with dread and empty my pockets with all the costs involved. When the day finally came around I didn't really know what to expect. I desperately tried to get my hair and makeup as perfect as possible (as you can see from the photos it didn't work all that well!) and I had the most horrible cold to top it all off! But once I got into my cap and gown and met up with some old classmates I did start to enjoy it. I had a runny nose and coughed throughout the whole thing unfortunately for those around me but as the names started to be called out I was filled with anticipation. From getting out of my seat with the rest of my class and walking down to the front to hear my name called out, shaking hands with someone important I can't remember and walking down the aisle past everyone watching back to my original seat was a complete blur, I'm sure it lasted about 30 seconds and then it was all over! Afterwards we posed for some photos chucking our caps in the air and then it was time to return our gowns and have a quick drink before all going our separate ways. It was an odd day, but one I'm glad I took part in as I'll never have the chance to do it again.



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