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We seem to be taking more photos than ever now but more often than not they don't get further than the camera, computer or facebook, so today I'm going to give you some new ideas for displaying your photos! I am particularly bad at getting my photos printed and there really is no excuse as it is incredibly simple and there are loads of different options. Online sites such as Photobox provide prints, posters, photobooks and gifts and all you have to do is upload your photos. Here are some of my favourite ideas:

For me there is no better way of displaying your photos than framed on the wall. Canvases are also hugely popular at the moment, but personally I prefer the quality of photographic prints. Whichever you choose try to get the best quality you can afford as photographs do fade and can be damaged by sunlight, a black and white photo printed from home will turn green! It can be really difficult deciding how to print your photographs, what size to get and where to put them which is why I think these handy cheat sheets I found on Pinterest is really useful.

Vintage inspired army pin-up print in frame.

Photobooks are great for displaying all the photos you've taken over a year or for a special event. If you get to December and realise you haven't printed any photos all year then I challenge you to create a yearbook to organise your photos! The best thing about them is that it saves you printing individual images and having to put them into albums and prevents them being left in the photo wallets for years on end. Many websites now have an auto-fill feature that allows you to upload your chosen photos and then they create the book. The beauty of this is that it makes it a lot quicker and easier for you but I would recommend building the book yourself in order to achieve exactly what you want. You can also choose specially created themes for your book or simply create from scratch. Books range in price depending on the size, number of pages and quality so have a think about what you want it for and keep this in mind. You can create photobooks using Photobox, Blurb and other websites.

If you've been reading this post thinking that you only ever take photos using your iPhone then I have some solutions for you! Instagram has become so popular that a lot of people have been working out new and interesting ways to get your photos off of Twitter and into print. Blurb have launched Instagram books that allow you to connect to your account to create these cute 7" square books loaded with your photos. It's also really easy to create your own Instagram photo frame. Choose whichever square or rectangle paper size you like, depending on how many photos want and how big they are, and create a grid using your photos. Print at your chosen photo printing service and put into a frame. Voila! If you'd like some more ideas for your Instagrams check out this board on Pinterest: Instagram Photo Display Ideas which includes DIY coasters, cushions and wall art!

Okay so my ideas for displaying your photos in this post aren't hugely creative but my aim here was to give you all a kick up the bum to do something with your photos! Try to get in the habit of choosing and printing your favourite photos once you've uploaded them on to your computer and putting them into albums or creating annual photobooks. If you really don't want to print your photos why not create a slideshow and burn it on to CD? That way you can still share it, watch it on your tv and your photos aren't hidden away in computer folders! 



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